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Random Ordinary Every Day Things That Put A Smile On My Face

The Little Things That Make Me Smile

Yes, I am happy to say that I can still find things that put a smile on my face. Some days it is hard. We are living in challenging times right now. There is no doubt of that. But I refuse to stop enjoying life. We need to remember that life changes daily. Some days the sun shines, and sometimes it rains. Don't let a little rain take your smile away. There is always something to smile about.

"Smile, happy looks good on you."

Things that make me smile.

The sound of a giggling baby or toddler always makes me smile. Or sometimes, I downright laugh. It is contagious.

Animal videos make me smile. Admit it; you smile at animal videos too.

Getting up in the morning, and it hasn't snowed.

One of my favorite old songs comes on the radio.

Looking at old family photos always causes one to smile.

Spending time with family.

Finding a great sale on something I've wanted to purchase.

Fresh, clean bedding.

Getting a pedicure.

Hot chocolate with Whipped Cream

When someone smiles at me, I always smile back.

Thinking of upcoming vacations

Ice cream

When it snows, and I don't have to go anywhere.

Buying notebooks and planners

Colored gel pens

I love the feeling of warm sunshine on my face. So, of course, it makes me smile.

Getting up early in the morning. I love early mornings.

The sound of rain at night when I am half asleep in bed.

Cuddling cute puppies and kittens

Having lunch with a friend.

Reading a good book

When I realize I have accomplished something, I have been trying so hard to get done.

I don't think anyone should have any problems finding something to bring a smile to their face. Just look around you.

I am pretty sure that everyone can come up with a list of the little things that make you smile.

Did you smile when you looked at this picture. I bet you did.


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