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Summer Fun-Or Will it Be Canceled?

Summer Fun?

Summer is my season. I always start looking forward to the next summer as soon as the fall season arrives. But this year I have a feeling that our summer will be much different. With cancellations of some of the most popular annual summer events in the state of Michigan having already been announced, and it's only April, it doesn't bode well for our summer. The thought has crossed my mind that maybe we will be regulated to sitting on our porches watching traffic go by. There is very little traffic, so that will not be very entertaining for us. Will the parks be opened for us in the next few weeks? And if the parks are open, will we be allowed to spend time with family in the parks? You know having family picnics.

Will hiking in groups be allowed. Or will we be hiking alone? Will the beaches be open? Thinking of the beach has me wondering if masks will be part of our beach attire. Something to think about: that would mean some new tan lines. And kids love playing at the water parks. Is planning a vacation this year even going to be an option? Or we will all be having a staycation. And if it's a staycation, will there be limits on what our staycation can entail? Camping trips? Will trips to the zoo be a big NO? Will there be any State Fairs this year? Will we be buying fudge in Mackinaw City? And what about the traveling carnivals? Will we be allowed to stand in line at the Dairy Queen if we keep our distance? Will there be any concerts? Indoor or outdoor? Will we be checking the movie listings for a possible afternoon at the movies? Flea markets and yard sales are a popular attraction when warm weather arrives. And the ever-popular 4th of July fireworks. Will they go off as usual?

Here's is a list of some of the events that have been canceled so far-

National Trout Festival in Kalkaska April 22-26

The Tulip Festival in Holland May 2-10

Michigan Youth Arts Festival in Kalamazoo May 7-9

Ann Arbor Blues Festival

The Belleville National Strawberry Festival

Festival Of Arts in Grand Rapids June 5-7

North American International Auto Show in Detroit June 6-20

Ann Arbor Summer Festival June 12-July 20

Ann Arbor Art Fair that takes place every July has now been canceled.

Livonia Spree June 23-28

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City July 4-11

Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette July 17-19

Wyandotte Street Art Fair

Trenton Summer Festival

The traditional Mackinaw Bridge walk that always happens on Labor Day has been canceled for 2020.

Rolling Hills Water Park will be closed for the season.

Blue Heron Bay Spray Park will be closed for the season.

I am probably missing a few, and I wouldn't be surprised that more be more added in the next few weeks. I will add an updates that come up.

So what do you think? Will we have a pretty decent summer, or will most of it be canceled?

I have to be honest; I am not feeling really optimistic about our chances of a good summer. I hope I am wrong. But something tells me that social distancing will be a part of our summer this year.


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