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The A-Z Of Cheryl

W is for Wine.

The A to Z of Cheryl

Some time ago, I did an A-Z of Healthy Living. It was kind of fun so I thought I would do an A-Z of me. So here goes.

A - Aging-Trying to figure out the ways to deal with this whole aging process. I'm striving to conquer aging with some bit of grace.

B- Books-I love to read. My favorites lean toward suspense with a little romance thrown in for good measure.

C- Chocolate and coffee lover. What more could one ask for?

D-Dislikes would be rude people and animal cruelty.

E- Exercise, I never manage to get enough exercise.

F-Family-I have one of the best. Don't know what I would do without them.

G-Grateful-For everything I have. And basically, I have all I need. Home and family.

H- Humor. I try to find humor in almost anything.

I- Ice cream ranks only slightly below chocolate and coffee.

J- Jeans my favorite dress code. But always with a cute top.

K- Kenneth. My husband and the love of my life. We have been together forever.

L-Laughter- I truly believe laughter is the best medicine

M-Morning person-I am definitely a morning person. I love to enjoy my morning coffee without having to rush around.

N-Never- Never say never. Always keep on trying.

O-Optimistic- I always try to be optimistic about life.

P-Patriotic. Love my country.

Q- Quick-witted. I am usually quick on the uptake and always have a sarcastic comeback.

R-Rock N Roll. I am an old time Rock N Roll fan.

S-Summer- Summer is my season. I could deal well with summer all year long.

T-Talent-I posses zero talent. Unless reading is considered a talent or sarcasm.

U- Uncomfortable stepping out of my comfort zone. But I am trying.

V- Vacation I Love my vacations. Laughlin, Nevada is my happy place!

W-Wine, I don't drink a lot, but I do like a little wine now and again.

X- Xmas. I love Christmas.

Y- Yes, I like to say yes as often as possible. But sometimes no is the only option.

Z- Zero tolerance for idiots. Yep, I said that.


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