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The Joy Of Summer-Twenty Things I Love About Summer

Twenty Things I Love About Summer

Does anyone love summer as much as I do?

Summer fun in the water.

1. The sound of lawnmowers

2. And don't forget the smell of freshly cut grass.

3. The aroma of BQ grills

4. The faint smell of chlorine in the pool

5. The sound of children playing outside

6. Walking barefoot in the sand at the beach

7. The smell of sunscreen

8. Fresh corn on the cob

9. Picking strawberries

10. Summer vacations

11. Eating an ice cream cone as its melting.

12. 4th of July fireworks

13. Watermelon and more watermelon.

14. Fairs and festivals

15. Shorts and flip flops

16. Frozen drinks poolside

17. Sitting on the front porch drinking coffee or wine and watching the traffic pass by.

18. Who doesn't enjoy the longer days?

19. All the flowers in the beautifully landscaped yards.

20. It's not cold and snowy

Pretty drinks by the pool are always a favorite.

So does anyone love summer as much as I do?


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