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The Little Things That Make Me Happy

Those first sips of morning coffee make me happy.

There are so many little things in my routine, ordinary daily life that make me happy.

You know those little things we take for granted every day. Yep, those little things. The simple everyday things we don't even give a second thought to because they have just become routine.

There is that first glorious cup of coffee. I am telling you that nothing but nothing beats the first sips of morning coffee.

Waking up to sunshine always puts me in a good mood. So, of course, that's a happy moment and most likely the beginning of a sunny day.

With the coming warm weather, I foresee an overall boost in energy. And that, of course, makes me happy! By the end of winter, most of are dragging around with little get up in go in us. But it's coming, and just the thought of it makes me happy! My mood will have a complete renewal.

Coffee in the morning makes me happy, but during the winter months, I look forward to a cup or two of tea in the afternoon. And yep, you guessed it that afternoon tea makes me happy. It's about mid-afternoon and the busiest part of the day is over — time to start a little relaxing.

Anytime I can set down and read I am happy. Even happier when the book keeps me interested and wanting more.

A cup of tea and some reading. Happiness!

Even a trip to Target can make me happy. I have adjusted to the new look of the store. You can always find some cute things there, and sometimes all you need is some silly cute little gadget or gizmo to make you happy.

Having a pizza lunch with the added addition of a Wendy's Frosty with a friend always makes me happy. Well, except for the fact that those are not the most healthy choices I could make for lunch. But, I promise it's not a daily thing. But it is oh so good! Happy! Happy!

Crawling into my nice comfortable bed with my kindle and my TV remote, always makes me happy. I love the end of the day as much as I love my early mornings — quiet relaxing time in the morning and quiet relaxing time before going to sleep.

Many little things throughout my day make me happy. I Acknowledge these small daily events that make me happy.

No day goes smoothly. Sometimes our day gives us a little turbulence. But in the end, we can usually find a few things that made us happy throughout the day.

Things that are usually guaranteed to make you happy:



warm weather

A good book


We should always be able to find something during our day that created some form of happiness if only for a short time.

What are the little things that make you happy?


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