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The Many Ways We find To Waste Time.

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

Time Wasted.

Did you ever stop and think about the amount of time you waste daily? I think it would be a real eye-opener if we kept track of the spent time on the various things we do throughout the day. We all say we need more time, but what we need to do is stop wasting our time.

We have so many things that distract us each day. I know I am very easily distracted from the things I should be doing — the things I had planned to do. My mind is always jumping from one thing to another.

Twelve Ways We Waste Our Time.

1. How much time do we spend thinking about something we need to do instead of actually doing the work on that task.

2. Social media can suck up a lot of time throughout the day. And was it worth our time?

3. We waste time by not setting priorities for our day. It's important to know what are the essential things we need to accomplish. We need some direction for our day.

4. Jumping from one thing to another within minutes or sometimes even seconds is a real waste of time. I can truly attest to that.

5. How much time do we spend during the day worrying? Usually about things will not happen or that we have no control over.

6. How many of us will admit to playing games on our various devices? Not very productive, is it?

7. We have all somehow gotten into the habit of checking our phones. Sometimes I am not even sure what I am expecting to find when I check my phone.

8. Many of us spend a lot of time making lists. But do we spend more time making the actual list than we do accomplishing the things on the list and checking them off?

9. Some of us spend time complaining. And what does complaining get us? Nothing!

10. Time is wasted attempting to multi-task. We are better off just getting one task at a time done and over.

11. We waste time eating. What I mean by that is the time we spend time mindlessly eating junk food. Well, I know I do. And it's probably at the same time I am playing games on the computer, doubly wasting time.

13. And it's okay to say no when you don't have the time. Too often we feel obligated to say yes when we know full well it's going to interfere with our day. But, of course, we do have the family obligations that we should not ignore.

So when you come to the end of your day wishing you had had more time, stop and think about all the ways you wasted time.

Think back to when you were checking your phone every few minutes — visiting Facebook throughout the day.

Start being more mindful of the ways you are wasting time.

Maybe one day, I will be brave enough to track how I spend every minute of a day. Hmmm, but wouldn't that be more time wasted??

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"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." – Michael Altshuler


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