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Things I Am Going To Miss About Summer.

It is with deep sadness that I have to announce, or maybe I should say accept the unfortunate demise of summer. It has left us way too soon. Why oh why, does summer always go so quickly? I barely got to know summer.

Winter is certainly not that considerate of us. It sticks around as long as possible, giving us snow and ice and of course cold temperatures. And winter lasts almost forever. Okay, I know it just seems that way.

So here I sit thinking about the things that I am going to miss about summer. I will be thinking about them all winter long.

I am going to miss the sun and warm temperatures. Crazy me would rather be warm than cold.

I am going to miss the wardrobe: capris, shorts, flip flops, bathing suits, and summer dresses. You get the idea. Warm weather clothing.

I am going to miss having the house windows wide open. Love the feel of a light breeze flowing through the house. And of course, all that fresh air coming in.

I am going to miss all the fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries. Nothing beats fresh strawberries in my cereal every morning.

I am going to miss the aroma of the BQ grills. I also love the sound of the burgers and steaks sizzling on the grill. Sorry, but cooking on a foreman grill may be the way we have to go in the winter. But it's not the way grilling was intended to be.

I am going to miss sitting by a pool enjoying a frozen concoction with a little added alcohol.

I am going to miss the longer days; I am not a fan of shorter dark days. I hate it getting dark by 5:30-6:00 every night.

I am going to miss sitting on the porch drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning sun. It was a perfect way to start the day.

I am going to miss the smell of freshly mowed grass. And, the sound of the lawnmower is another of those happy sounds of summer.

I am going to miss the look of being tan. There is just something about a tan that makes me feel better about the way I look.

I am going to miss the feel of beach sand between my toes.

I am going to miss lightning bugs flying around outside. They always remind me of when my kids were little and running around and catching them.

I am just plain going to miss everything about summer!

This is what we have to look forward to.

And this.


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