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Things That Will Not Change In The New Year

Things That Will Not Change

I know we are all hoping for good things in the year 2022. Changes we are desperately looking forward to seeing. But there are some things that I can guarantee you that won't change.

I will still be my usual sarcastic self.

I will still have an addiction to chocolate.

The news will still be crap.

Everyone will still be spending too much time on their phones.

I will still watch my crime shows like Forensic Files and Discovery ID, and the house shows on HGTV.

People will still debate politics.

People will still shop on Amazon.

We will still complain about the weather.

We will still laugh at silly things.

We will still cry at sad movies.

We will still spend way too much time on social media.

Everyone will still be taking selfies.

We will still be getting older.

We will still be drinking our morning coffee.

We will still spend time worrying about stupid little things.

I guess the bottom line is that we want changes for the new year, but still, so many things always stay the same year after year. I find that comforting. Do we want our lives totally and completely changed every year? I think not. We simply wish anything terrible from the last year to go away, and we want good things to happen in the new year.

So, life will continue much like it always has. There will be the usual ups and downs. Little surprises, some disappointments, happiness, and some sadness.

I am keeping my fingers crossed with lots of good things happening in the new year of 2022.

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08 ene 2021

A fab read! I am really hoping that this year will be better than the last! Of course, as you say many things will stay the same, some good some bad so I guess we will see!

Amber | The Unpredicted Page

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