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Vacation-Flying vs Road Trip

Laughlin Nevada-Colorado River

Vacation-Flying Vs. Road trip

For many years now, we have been going out to Las Vegas for our vacation. We always rent a car so we can move around and do a little exploring.

Eventually, we made our way to Laughlin, Nevada. That is when we started flying into Vegas, spending a few hours in Vegas and then driving to Laughlin where we would spend a week. Then back to Vegas for a night or two and then flying home.

Last spring I randomly mentioned that we should take a road trip sometime. I was referring to something on the short side of things. Maye a few hundred miles. But no, my husband suggested we drive on our vacation to Laughlin, Nevada. What? Seriously? Yes, he was serious. Let me point out that we live in Michigan.

But the more we talked about it, the more I began to like the idea. Something different. So that's just what we did.

When we first decided on the driving instead of flying, I think my very first thought was-I can take my own pillows! That was a massive plus for me. And then my second thought was that I didn't have to worry about my suitcase exceeding the airline's weight limit. Which, of course, led to totally over-packing. So, it didn't take much for me to be all for the drive of around 2,000 miles.

Although I have to admit that as we were pulling out of our driveway last summer to set off on our adventure, I couldn't help but think about how we usually arrived in about four and a half hours. That did give me pause. But off we went.

We spent the first night in Springfield, Missouri, the second night in Tucumcari, New Mexico and then the third night in Williams, Arizona.

And, it was definitely a good feeling each night when we stopped. We were putting on a lot of miles.

The plus side there was a lot of beautiful scenery.

Since we were driving, we did decide that we would have to include a stop at the Grand Canyon. After breakfast in Williams, we headed to the Grand Canyon. And it was awesome. So very glad that we spent some time there.

After three nights, we arrived at our destination in Laughlin. We spent a week there and then moved onto Las Vegas, where we spent our last three nights.

For our return trip leaving from Las Vegas, we took the Colorado route. Amazing views of Colorado.

We stopped for the first night in Grand Junction, Colorado,

the second night was spent in Lexington, Nebraska, and the third and last night was spent in Joliet, Illinois.

All, in all, we enjoyed the trip. But, I will admit that by the end of the journey, we were getting slightly testy with each other. It only happened once, and we both realized it instantly. So that ended that.

So after giving it much thought, I find that the benefits of driving outweigh the one advantage of flying.

Benefits of driving-

My own pillows

No airline weight limits

Taking a cooler with us instead of buying one of those flimsy throw away styrofoam ones.

And we can take home any leftover water and pop that we always used to have. We would always just give it to the guys at the car rental place when we turned in the car.

The cost was slightly lower than flying and renting a car.

Great scenery.

No rushing to get to the airport

And no dealing with the whole pick and returning the rental car.

The One benefit of flying-

Arrive in less than five hours vs. three days

I was not really shocked when my husband announced that he wanted to drive again this year. But this year we will not be staying in Vegas at all. We realized last year that Vegas no longer holds as much appeal for us as it used to. Too many crowds and to much traffic and no patience for it. Maybe it is an age thing.

We will possibly take a day trip for a few hours, but that will be it. And the return trip home will be the same way we came. Which should make the journey a little easier on us.

The plan this year is to get to Laughlin in two days instead of the three we did last year. Wish us luck on that


Now, I am just doing the countdown to this year's trip.

Yes, I would most certainly recommend taking a road trip. I did learn one thing for sure. All states do not have as many rest areas as Michigan does. In some states, they are few and far between. But thankfully lots of truck stops with all the amenities.


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