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What I'm Doing This Winter

What am I doing this winter? I am counting down the days until summer. Yep, crazy, huh. Maybe it's because I was born on the first day of summer. But I am a one season gal. And it's summer.

Believe me; it's hard for a one season gal, to survive the cold and snow of winter. Oh, did I mention, I live in Michigan. See my problem?

The best things about winter would be a fire in the fireplace and hot chocolate. Which of course are inside activities.

But, truthfully as much as I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and the fireplace, I could live without them. I would give them up in a second for sunshine and eighty-degree temperatures. Or even warmer temperatures. I deal with heat much better than I deal with the cold.

So while I sit here typing and looking out the window at the snow falling my mind is on sunny skies and warm temperatures. This snow has my mind wandering to sandy beaches here in Michigan, or being poolside in Laughlin, Nevada. Can't you smell the sunscreen? I can even hear the ice clinking around in my glass.

I would be okay with skipping spring and going right into summer.

Pedicures, flip-flops, back yard cookouts, come on now, what's not to like?

Here in Michigan, summer means trips up north. You have to make the journey across the Mackinaw Bridge. Now, don't be a sissy! Oh, and don't forget you have to buy some of the fudge that Mackinaw is famous for. Another must is a swim in the cold waters of Lake Michigan. Fond childhood memories.

So are you on board for putting a rush on the summer season? Not sure?

Okay, how about the days being longer? It no longer gets dark at 5:30. That is a significant plus for me.

Don't forget all the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Can't you taste them?

You have to like going out for ice cream? I mean who doesn't want to enjoy the feeling of eating an ice cream cone while it drips on you. Hey, that's just part of the summer experience.

Well, I am going to make a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fire and think about all the glorious upcoming days of summer.


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