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You Can't Buy Happiness

Enjoying morning coffee.

Some people only find happiness in the big material things: expensive sports cars, the fancy, elaborate home, the lavish vacations.

Those things sound nice. But do they equal happiness? I guess that depends on the person and what they value. For myself, I wouldn't turn those things down, but I don't need them to be happy. There is so much more to life than owning expensive things. Life encompasses some awesome things that have nothing to do with your bank account.

Our happiness should not depend on big material things.

There are so very many things in our life that should be bringing us

Happiness is reading.

joy and happiness.

And we have to remind ourselves not to forget these things.

I think we sometimes take the little things for granted.

We don't have to buy happiness. There are many little things in life that can provide our happiness.

Little things that make me happy.

I love early mornings. I know for some people that sounds weird. So then, call me weird. But, I do enjoy getting up early in the morning. Yep, it makes me happy.

Nothing better than a day filled with sunshine. Looking out the window in the morning and seeing the sun makes the day better instantly better.

Enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning always makes me happy. And the second one and the third. As I said, coffee makes me happy in the morning.

Time spent reading a good romantic suspense story. Some days, I could easily spend the majority of my day reading.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Nothing is better than spending the day near the water. It can be a pool or a lake. I want to soak up the sun. I find it to be one of the most relaxing things you can do. And yes, sunscreen is in use.

Family time is always a good time. It can be a holiday, a birthday or just a few minutes here and there. Time spent with family is one of the very best things in life.

I always enjoy meeting new people and maybe making a new friend or two. I am one of those people that will strike up a conversation with the person behind me in the grocery check-out. And who knows maybe that made the other person happy for a few minutes.

Dogs and cats make me happy. Come on, who doesn't like watching cute videos of animals? You know it makes you smile.

Watching children play. And listening to their laughter. No better sound than that of children laughing.

Ice cream makes me happy. Very, very, happy! Maybe a little too happy. I need a little less ice cream happiness in my life. My clothing would greatly appreciate less ice cream.

That first spring day you realize the birds are outside your window chirping away.

A freshly made up bed. Clean sheets are the absolute best!

After a long winter, it is such a good feeling to be able to open the windows wide and let in that fresh air.

There are so many little things we experience every day that can make us happy if we stop and enjoy them.

So, yes, if someone wants to give me a big expensive house or car, I will gladly take it. But, I will not trade any of the little things that make me happy for those costly material things.

I suggest to you that on days, you are feeling down or a little annoyed by day to day life, you take a few minutes and think about all the little things in life that bring you happiness and joy.

Just writing this blog post about the little things that make me happy, made me smile and yes, feel happy!

Springtime birds bring happiness.


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