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10 Must Have Gadgets For Older Folks That Can Make Life a Bit Easier

10 Must Have Gadgets For Older Folks That Can Make Life a Bit Easier

Those of us who have reached a certain age have realized a few things. Among those things we have discovered is that getting older has some day-to-day challenges. We have to face it that we do many things daily that are not as easy to do anymore. Not impossible, but just not as easy.

I have found a few items that can make some of those things a little less challenging. Amazon is an excellent place for finding valuable gadgets.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no added cost to you.

If you struggle to open jars, try this 5 in 1 kitchen gadget. Easily open a pop can, jars, bottles, those pull tabs on canned goods. My 91-year-old mother loves this gadget. It makes opening her bottles of water much more effortless.

Opening cans can be as easy as pushing a button with the Kitchen Mama electric can opener.

Those middle-of-the-night bathroom visits can be a little easier with a toilet bowl nightlight. And an additional night light in the bathroom couldn't hurt.

Trying to read the fine print can be made easier with page magnifer. It's so frustrating when you can't easily read the instructions on the back of a box.

How many times have you forgotten a password? And not only have you forgotten the password, but you also don't remember where you wrote it down. We need a place to record all that Shit we can't seem to remember.

Feel like you might have a fever. Try this touchless thermometer. Sure beats the old days of placing the thermometer under our tongue.

We all have our favorite chair where we sit to read, crochet, or watch television. And most of us always have all the small necessary items close by on a table. Keep it all organized, glasses, TV remote, and cell phone neat and readily available. Check out the Arm Caddy Organizer.

Sometimes it is hard to get something that is just a bit out of your reach. The answer to that dilemma is a reacher grabber tool to assist you.

Warm-up your cold hands with these rechargeable hand warmers. With the coming cold temperatures, these will come in quite handy.

Do you sometimes have trouble seeing when doing crafts or reading? Make those tasks easier with an LED magnifying glass with light.

Getting older requires that we make a few adjustments along the way. I hope these helpful gadgets will help.

I would love to hear about helpful tips you may be using?

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