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13 Things I Have Learned About Aging

13 Thing I Have Learned About Aging.

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1. Always be grateful for what you have. It's so easy to dwell on the things you wish you had or the things you want to do. Instead, we should all be counting the good things we have. Most importantly, family and friends.

2. You have to make the most of life while you can. The saying that life is short is so very true. Don't waste your time thinking about doing something. Do it!

3. Write it down. The memory is not what it used to be. The hard part is remembering where you put it after writing it down. Might work best if you write in a notebook that is always near you. Maybe label it 'Things you don't want to forget.'

4. Mistakes are just a part of life. Deal with it. Move on and learn from your mistakes.

5. And I do learn something new every day.  Sometimes I learn something new because I screwed something up. And sometimes without even realizing it, I read something and realize that wow, I didn't know that. Whether it's on purpose or not, I am learning new things.

6. There is no such thing as perfection. And seriously, why would anyone want to be perfect?

7. It is never too late to try new things. But, you do have to step out of your comfort zone. And, I have realized that's not easy for me.

8. I no longer care as much about what others think of me. I am who I am. Like me or don't.

9. I have learned that I am not easily surprised anymore. The world has changed so much, and much of it is not for the better. With the way things are going in this country, I shake my head a lot. Pretty soon, there will be nothing that can faze me.

10. Having patience is a much-needed trait. And there are many occasions when it comes in quite handy. It is a learned skill, though. And we always have to keep practicing it.

11. I have learned that no matter how old you get to be, you still may not always know what the hell you're doing.

12. I have learned that I can quite easily offend someone. Usually not on purpose. But then there are times I do it on purpose.

13. It's good to have something that I am interested in doing.

Keeping myself occupied helps to keep me out of trouble.

And, I am still learning!

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