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20 Things You Can Do To Make You Feel And Look Younger

20 Things You Can Do to Make You Feel And Look Younger

Getting older provides us with many challenges. Our bodies change, our hair turns gray, and sometimes we don't even recognize ourselves. Who is that stranger looking back at me from the mirror?

We want it to stop. But realistically, we know we can't put a halt to it. But maybe, just maybe, we can slow down the aging process. With proper habits, we can age gracefully and maintain a young feeling.

20 Things You Can Do to Make You Feel And Look Younger

1. Get moving and keep moving. Get some daily exercise. Include yoga, weight training, and walking. Get your heart rate up. Your body will appreciate it. And it will energize you.

2. Get enough sleep. Being well rested is essential not just for your physical health but also for your mental health.

3. Alcohol in moderation. But one glass of red wine every day is okay and good for you.

4. Embrace and celebrate your age. It's a privilege to get old. Take pride in your age. Flaunt it.

5. Limit processed and junk foods. These foods contain too much-added fat, sugar, and sodium, leading to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Of course, everything now and then in moderation. But limit them.

6. Get your fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy lowers your risk of many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

7. Take a daily Calcium supplement. Calcium is vital for bone growth. Close to one-half of older women will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture.

8. Limiting your sugar is crucial for so many reasons—your heart health, your weight, your teeth, your mood, and even your energy. You will feel much better if you cut your sugar intake down.

9. Moisturize and moisturize some more. As we know, aging takes a toll on our bodies. And the first thing we notice aging is our skin. Using a good moisturizer all over is essential to having healthy skin. Make moisturizing a daily and nightly ritual.

10. Drink your water. Keep hydrated. Water improves your energy level and helps reduce signs of aging. Drink up.

11. Limit your time in the sun, and don't forget the sunscreen. The sun is not kind to our skin.

12. Take regular daily walks. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. And get those steps in.

13. Maintaining a healthy weight is for more than just looking good. It can lower the risk of many diseases, including strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

14. Don't skip the regular doctor and dentist appointments. Have your blood pressure checked, your blood work done, and your teeth cleaned. Consider it your annual maintenance.

15. Socialize with family, old friends and maybe make some new friends. Go out, meet up with friends, or host a gathering at home.

16. Challenge yourself with new things. Keep learning new things. Try a new hobby or take a class. Learn a new skill. Maybe take a cooking class or a computer class. Remember when it comes to your body and your brain, 'use it or lose it.'

17. Smile and laugh often. Happy faces look younger.

18. Wear clothing that conceals your problem areas. Wear 3/4 length sleeves to hide your upper arms; tunic type tops to cover issues at your waist.

19. Find the right bra. Gravity is genuinely not kind to our breasts. Get fitted for a bra by a professional and put those boobs back in their place. Not only will you lift your boobs, but you will lift your confidence.

20. Find a hairstyle that flatters you. Keep it trimmed regularly, and don't let it get dried out. Like the rest of our body, our hair needs to be moisturized. Invest in some good hair products.

A good part of staying young is all in the mindset. Think young. Act young. Have fun!

Keep reminding yourself that you have a lot of life left to live. And get busy living it. There are still adventures out there waiting for us.

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