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15 Ways To Easily Add Exercise To Your Day.

Adding Exercise Into Your Daily Routine can be easier than you think.

1. Do at least ten push-ups each morning.

2. Don't look for the closest parking space. Park further away. Add some added steps to your day and save a little gas at the same time.

3. Instead of standing and waiting for the elevator take the stairs.

4. Stand more and sit less. There are things you can do while standing that many of us do sitting. Example: folding your laundry.

5. Get busy with the house cleaning, and you will be burning calories.

6. Stop flopping down on the couch to watch some TV. Instead watch your TV shows while pedaling on an exercise bike, doing sit-ups and push-ups or even just running in place

7. Invest in a pedometer, Fitbit, or even start using one of the phone apps that keep track of your steps. Checking your results can be very motivating. You will find yourself wanting to beat yesterdays step count.

8. When making phone calls walk around instead of sitting. We spend a lot of time on our phones, and we can just as easily be moving.

9. Make taking a walk after your lunch part of your daily routine.

10. Stopping for fast food don't use the drive-through. Get out and go in and place your order.

11. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer or desk get up and move around and stretch at least once every hour.

12. When traveling choose hotels with a pool. And maybe even a fitness room.

13. Get outside and do your yard work.

14. Spending time with your kids or grandchildren. Run around and play with them. Quality time with the kids and some exercise for you. It's a win-win.

15. Turn up the music and dance around the house. Or take your dancing outside and give the neighbors something to talk about over the fence. Have some fun.

I am sure if you give it a little thought you can come up with some creative ways to add some exercise into your day. And if you do, please share your ideas with us.


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