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9 Daily Habits Of Exceedingly Motivated Productive People

9 Daily Habits Of exceedingly motivated Productive People

We all want to know the secrets of those people who are consistently productive—always accomplishing their goals.

We have all worked with or know a few of those productive people. Always so organized and on top of things. And many of us have probably felt a bit envious.

After doing a little research and questioning a few productive people, I have developed a list of their habits that have helped create their very effective daily routines. It seems most productive people have a regular daily routine that they follow. So why not give it a try?

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They start their day off early.

No turning the alarm off and rolling over to grab a few more minutes of sleep. Many productive people don't need to set the alarm; they are on auto-pilot. You might say they have an internal clock that wakes them up at the same time every morning. They are up and ready to go each morning at the same time.

They eat a healthy breakfast-

Your car doesn't run without fuel, and you don't either. Productive people don't grab a sugary donut and a cup of coffee. They fuel up with whole grains like oatmeal or whole-grain cereals. Get some protein with some low-fat peanut butter or almond butter on whole-grain toast or bagels. And don't forget the fruit.

They don't allow themselves to be distracted-

They start their day with a plan. And their plan doesn't usually include idle chitchat or spending hours on social media. They keep their focus on the day's tasks.

They have their to-do list ready every morning-

Creating a good workable to-do list can increase your productivity significantly. Take the time to make sure your to-do list will work well for you. Put some thought and planning into it. A good to-do list will have the most critical tasks at the top. Don't pack your to-do list with more than you can reasonably accomplish. Break larger tasks into a list of more minor actions that will lead to completing that task. And leave room in that list for the possibility of life getting in the way.

They have an organized work area-

A clean and organized work area is one of the first steps to productivity. It's hard to get anything done when you are constantly looking for things. Declutter and toss out things that you don't need in your work area. Remove items that are not necessary from your desk. Have designated spots for everything. Maintaining a clear workspace can also give you a clear mind.

They make use of time limits-

Setting a timer when starting a task can increase your focus. Nothing says stay focused like a timer clicking down. And just knowing that you have a timer set and a job to get done, can you give you that needed boost to get it done before the timer goes off.

They have learned to say no-

One of the first things a productive person has to learn is the art of saying no. Say no to anything that is not a vital priority. Say no to anything that does not advance your goals. Say no to anything that interferes with your to-do list. And say no to whatever is not vital to your day's schedule. But you should, of course, say yes to a family emergency or crisis.

They stay focused-

Productive people have found ways to keep themselves focused. One good tip is to keep a pen and paper handy to keep track of things that may pop into your mind. Maybe you just remembered that you need a birthday card or you need to make a reservation for dinner. Whatever it may be, write it down on your later list and take care of it later.

They know when they need to stop for a break-

You will be more productive if you take a few minutes to get up and stretch. And don't forget to take a lunch break to refuel your body. It's not a good idea to push yourself hard and skip taking some breaks throughout the day.

So remember these tips for being productive-

Get up early

Eat a healthy breakfast

Avoid distractions

Have a workable to-do list

Keep your work area neat and organized

Make use of time limits and timers

Learn to say no

Stay focused

Take some breaks

So let me know what you think. Do these habits and routines sound workable?


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