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End Of Month Update On My Healthy Living Plan

End Of Month Update

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of January. The month just seemed to fly.

They say time flies when you are having fun. I am having some fun changing my lifestyle. But even more, I am loving the benefits I am feeling.

I started doing some morning and afternoon stretches. And I have to wonder why I didn't start the stretching a long time ago. It feels so good. I highly recommend it.

So next on my list of new habits will be some weight training. For some reason, I have been maybe avoiding it a bit. I don't know why because my plan has always been to make it part of my routine. So no excuses; on February 1st, it becomes a top priority.

I will probably always struggle with eating healthy habits. But I cannot give up. But my motto will probably always be 'Everything in moderation.'

It's important to realize that creating a healthy lifestyle doesn't happen overnight. It's a matter of changing your bad habits into new good habits. And that takes time. You have to manage one new habit at a time. And each new healthy habit brings you closer to your goal of living healthy.

Slow and steady is a winning goal.

Get up and get moving.


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