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Fitness Tips For The Unmotivated

Fitness Tips For The Unmotivated

Some people are born with the fitness gene. At least it seems that way. They work out every day. They live it, and they breathe it. They couldn't imagine not working out. And then are others who think exercise sounds good, but...they have NO motivation. They want it; they imagine it, but it's NOT happening. And, they so admire those that are born with that mysterious fitness gene. Sometimes we have to work a little harder if we want to find our fitness gene. It takes some work and creating some new habits. But it's do-able.

Get motivated to work out and get fit. Step by step.

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Start simple- Take it step by step. Don't make any grandiose work-out plans that you know deep inside are not going to happen. As I said, keep it simple. Make small goals that you can achieve. There is nothing better to keep you motivated than meeting a goal. Do you have some stairs in your home? Try going up and down those stairs several times a day. If you did it once today, then do it twice tomorrow. Keep increasing the number of times you do it. Make it a habit to get up at least once every hour and move even if it's only walking from room to room. Or get outside and walk around the yard. Find a walking buddy that you will be accountable to and set up a walking schedule: exercise and some time with a friend. You can encourage each other. And when someone is counting on you to meet them for a walk, you have to show up, right? That is motivating. Get a friend to try a free trial membership with you at a gym near you. Having someone else sign up with you makes the chances better that you may actually show up at the gym. But be sure to choose a gym that is close to home. Hold your head high as you walk into the gym. Be proud of yourself. You are doing this for you! A healthier more fit you. Sometimes just the fact that you are wearing a fitness tracker will give you motivation. I know I find myself checking my tracker to see how many steps I have achieved throughout the day. I really like and can honestly recommend the LETSCOM fitness tracker linked above. Try doing sets of 10-12 sit-ups and push-up. Gradually work your way up. No hurry, no pressure. Don't let yourself get bored. Find ways of exercising that interest and challenge you. Check out work-out videos, maybe take up biking or even running. Give it all a try and see what sticks. Let's face it; it's all about gradually making new habits. It won't happen overnight but certainly, give it a chance at least. Keep reminding your self that you can do this in your own time and at your own speed. Get the new habit of exercise under-way, and you may surprise yourself with changing some of your eating habits or giving up a bad habit like smoking. I am not going to tell you it will be easy, but what have you got to lose? Your motivation will improve once you get a few new habits established, and you are feeling and enjoying the results. And maybe, just maybe you will inspire someone else to get moving—step by step.

Try some sit-ups.

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May 17, 2020

Loved reading this, Cheryl. Definitely part of the crew that genuinely enjoys to workout. I always look forward to my workout sessions. However, I admit that there are days that exercising feels like a hassle. So, I have to rely on discipline to get myself moving. I agree that you should take small steps, develop consistency and then add on as you go.

Much love always,


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