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Go From Junk Food To Guilt Free Snacks

Ditch The Junk Food

With all the social distancing and stay at home orders, we are under, many of us have acquired a not so good eating habit. Or should I say an over-eating obsession? Just about everyone I speak to complains about their crazy out of control eating. I am thinking this pandemic shut down has been a real boon for the junk food industry. Something about that comfort style food (junk) calling our name while we are shopping. And I have not noticed the candy and cookie shelves being empty. But no paper towel or toilet paper. Anyway, it's probably time for us over-eaters to start changing our ways. Summer is coming, and we don't want to look like we spent spring pigging out even if that's what we've been doing. I have been gradually easing away from the sweets. And I have made a list of snacks that I know can work for me. No point in me putting kale chips or anything to do with kale on the list. Kale is a definite no for me. Hard-boiled eggs are another food that I cannot eat as a snack. I like hard-boiled eggs for breakfast or added to a salad for lunch. But I have to say no to hard-boiled eggs as a snack. I tend to want something sweet after a meal. And that is when the trouble begins. But, I have found that if I eat something like a fruit cup or sliced up fruit that can take care of that problem

My guilt free snack list.

No sugar added Del Monte fruit cups. Perfect for a quick healthy snack. I especially like the pineapple. Skinny Pop Popcorn- Sometimes you need the crunchy taste of popcorn. Skinny Pop makes a quick and easy snack. You can buy it in a large bag or snack size bags. Sliced up melons- My favorites are watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Keep them cut up in the refrigerator and have it handy and ready to eat. Wheat toast with peanut butter is pretty darn good. Sometimes shortly after breakfast, I find myself looking for something else to eat. And the wheat toast and peanut butter work well for me. Sliced vegetables-cucumbers, peppers, celery, carrots Grape tomatoes. Keep these sliced and ready to go into individual plastic baggies. A great grab and go snack. Nuts- Nuts are a healthy snack and are very good for you. Some of my favorites include almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pistachios. But keep in mind some are high in calories. Jello Sugar-free pudding and jello cups. The dark chocolate pudding cups take care of my chocolate craving. I also like to warm up the pudding in the microwave and stir in a little Cool Whip. It makes for an excellent after-dinner treat. And the sugar-free fruit-flavored jello with some Cool Whip is pretty tasty too. These treats help keep me away from the ice-cream. Swapping out the junk food like candy and cookies for more healthy alternatives is a step in the right direction.

Healthy meals should also be a part of the plan. But bad snacking habits are my biggest issue. It only takes a couple of days of healthier snacks to get you back on track. Soon your new healthy snacks will be routine for you. But it helps if you keep the other unhealthy foods out of the house. The temptation is always there. Trust me on that! Stashing them away in a cupboard or drawer will not work. You will not forget where you put them. But, if you place an essential paper or document away for safekeeping. You will never remember where you put it. Strange how that works, huh? It's all about priorities. We have about six or seven weeks until summer arrives, so let's do it. Ditch the junk food and eat your fruits and veggies. We can do it!


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