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Healthy Living A-Z

A-Attitude-keep a positive attitude.

B-Breakfast-Never miss having a healthy start to your day.

C-Challenge your mind.

D-Water-drink lots of it.

E-Exercise-Get at least 30 minutes each day.

F-Fruit-Eat at least three servings a day. It would be tough to overeat fruit so enjoy.

G-Grains include whole grains into your diet.

H-Hang out with people who follow a healthy lifestyle.

I-Invest in some new workout clothes.

J-Join a gym or walking group.

K-Kindness-spread it around on a daily basis.

L-Love yourself.

M-Maintain a healthy weight.

N-Negativity avoid it. Get it out of your life.

O-Outdoors-Get outdoors, walk and breathe in the fresh air.

P-Protect your sight, hearing and your dental health.

Q-Quiet-Take some quiet time just for yourself.

R-Routine set up a daily routine that includes exercise and stretching.

S-Salt & Sugar-reduce your intake of both.

T-Tone-Do some toning exercises.

U-Use a Fitbit or pedometer to keep track of your steps.

V-Vegetables-Try to get in at least four servings of vegetables a day.

W-Wine-Enjoy a glass of wine now and then.

X-Put an X on the calendar each day you exercise.

Y-Yes-Say yes to new ideas, new hobbies, and new friends.

Z-Zest-Find things you have a zest for and do them.


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