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How To Be Productive Every Day

A clean and organized desk is important for productivity.

How To Be More Productive Every Day.

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Prepare the night before. Don't crawl into bed with a list of things you want to accomplish the next day swirling through your head. I can guarantee that a few of those things will have swirled right out of your head during the night. It's funny how that happens.

None of us like getting to the end of our day and thinking I didn't get anything done. Sadly, I feel that way quite often.

It's like what happened? Where did the day go? I had so many things I planned on doing. And when this happens to me, I know I didn't plan out my day.

Start the day by getting up early. I know that doesn't work for everyone. I am an early morning person. But it does give you an added advantage if you can do it.

Planning is crucial to the day. And the plan should start the night before. Know what it is that you want to get done the next day before you slide into bed. You will sleep better, knowing that you are prepared and ready for the next day.

We need to get up with a positive, productive mindset. But if we are getting up to things left undone the previous day, our day is already doomed.

Make sure the dishes are done the night before. You are not going to feel productive if you are looking at dirty dishes in the sink while you are making that all so important pot of coffee.

Have a list of what you consider your biggest priorities. The things that, once accomplished, will have you feeling like you've had one very successful day.

Enjoy your coffee and breakfast. Then get dressed for your day and start tackling that list of things you want to accomplish. Each time you finish something on the list, check it off. That simple act of checking the item off your to-do list will motivate you on to the next thing on the list.

It's essential to be mindful of all the little time wasters and distractions we allow to interrupt us.

Like when we suddenly remember something, we need to order off Amazon and wham we're off to Amazon. Or maybe it's an email that needs your attention. Whatever it may be that distracts you, you need to ignore it.

Yeah, I know it's not that easy to ignore those little distractions. So instead jot them down on your to-do list for later.

If you work at your desk, keep it clear and organized. You will not only feel more productive, but you will be more productive.

Have available whatever it is that you are going to need to accomplish your things on your list. If making cookies for the school bake sale is on your list. You need to have your baking supplies in your kitchen and ready. Your whole day will be upset if you have to run out and purchase your baking supplies. So, you see, it's essential to plan.

Give yourself a small break now and then, especially if your to-do is long. It's a good rule not to make your list any longer than you can realistically handle.

At the end of the day, if you've done the essential items on your list, you've had a productive day. Job well done.

Kick back, and enjoy your success.

If something on your list didn't get done, it's okay. Add it to the top of tomorrow's list.

Being productive takes patience, effort, and a lot of willpower. But it is so worth it in the end. Never give up the battle.

I am a huge fan of the Bloom daily planners.


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