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How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean.

Easy Steps To Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

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I guess the best way to keep your kitchen clean is not to use it. Eat out all the time. Problem solved. But that is not very practical.

So the next best thing would be to keep things done up. Don't procrastinate. You just finished your cup of coffee-then rinse the cup and place it in the dishwasher. No dishwasher? Then wash and dry the cup and put it away. At the very least, rinse the cup out and place it in the sink. Then when you have a few other dishes, wash and dry and put them away. Just don't let them pile up.

Did you spill some of that coffee when you were pouring it? Wipe it up now. Take a few seconds and wipe up the area around the coffee maker. And don't forget to put the coffee away.

You just had your morning coffee, and no mess was left. Looks good, huh?

If you are having cereal for breakfast, don't set the cereal box down after you pour what you need in your bowl. Put it right back in the cupboard. And put the milk away at the same time.

Oh, and don't forget to rinse your bowl and spoon.

Getting in the habit of putting things away and cleaning up as you go is essential to keeping your kitchen clean.

When you have finished using your stove- wipe it down thoroughly. Don't let food spills harden on the surface of your stove. It only makes cleaning your the stove that much harder.

Empty your dishwasher when it finishes so that it's ready for the next load of dirty dishes. And don't forget to run the dishwasher as soon as it is full.

Take a couple of minutes to scrub out your kitchen sink. Nothing worse than a dirty, smelly sink. Keep it disinfected and smelling good.

Wipe down the outside of the refrigerator. And keep the inside cleaned out and wiped down also. Don't forget to throw out those leftovers you put in there last week.

Microwaves need cleaning inside out and too. If your microwave gets splattered food all over inside, take a bowl of water, add some Dawn dish soap and then place it in the microwave for five minutes. Be careful when you remove that bowl of hot water. The inside of the microwave will now be easy to clean.

Your kitchen is not clean if your floor needs sweeping or wiping up. So don't forget about the floor. The kitchen floor gets its fair share of abuse. Crumbs and spills always manage to find their way to the floor. Keeping your floor clean is a big part of having a clean kitchen.

You can get by with a quick sweep and mop daily, but don't forget to do a thorough cleaning of the floor once a week.

Make sure you have the needed supplies handy to keep your kitchen clean: dish soap, hand soap, clean sponges, and brushes. Maybe some spray Clorox Clean up-cleaner+ bleach.

Some of my favorite cleaning supplies-

Keep a little kitchen to-do list in plain sight. And don't forget to look at it—just some reminders to keep things picked up.

You should take a quick scan of your kitchen at the end of the day. Are your counters clean and cleared off? No dirty dishes are sitting around. How does your floor look?

If you stay consistent in your daily cleanup, it will quickly become a habit.

It will take you less to keep things done up than it will if you have to do all the cleanup at one time.

And you will be able to relax knowing that you have kept your kitchen clean.


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