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Never Stop Learning

Keep Learning

Why would we not want to keep learning new things continually? There are so many things to learn and explore.

We can try new hobbies, a new language, and learn some new skills.

Learning new things helps keep our brains sharp. Just like we need to keep our body moving, we need to do the same for our minds.

Learning new things can not only keep our brains sharp, but it can sometimes help keep your memory sharp also.

For myself, I always find it so satisfying when I can figure something out without having to ask for help. It's a great feeling. It's like WOW, I did all on my own.

Usually, that feeling comes when I can figure out a computer issue on my own without having to ask for help from my son. I admit that maybe it doesn't happen as often as I would like it. But I have had a few victories lately.

This whole blogging thing is certainly challenging me. And I am learning as I go. Slow, but sure. It is most definitely keeping my brain sharp. If I accomplish nothing else with my blogging, I do enjoy the challenge and the learning experience of it.

Getting older doesn't mean you should plant yourself in a chair and watch television. Get up and get out. Now is the time for you do the things you always said you wanted to do.

Was there a hobby you always wanted to try? Maybe you wanted to learn Spanish or French, classes you might have wanted to take. So what's stopping you now?

Most of us end up with more free time as we age so why not pursue new things.

Some benefits of learning:

Learning keeps us sharp

Keeps us engaging socially

Can slow memory loss

Gives us a feeling of accomplishment

So what's it going to be? A class, a new language, maybe learning to knit.

Me, I am thinking of a maybe a writing class. And who knows, I have always wanted to learn Spanish.

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04. Juli 2023

Enjoy today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Gefällt mir
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