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Retired And Feeling A Bit Bored? Here Are Some Things You Can Try

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Dog walker

Retired And Feeling A Bit Bored? You Don't Have To Be Bored

So maybe you've been retired for a while now. At first, you enjoyed sleeping in and not rushing around in the morning. You enjoyed the time to sit and savor an extra cup of coffee. No more rushing out the door to get to work.

But even though you have adjusted to the new routine, you wonder what now. You are unsure what to do with all this freedom and how to fill your free time now.

Some of us retired folks find ourselves with too much free time. What to do?

How about a part-time job? Something different than the job you retired from? Something fun. Maybe you like crafting and would enjoy working someplace like a JoAnn Fabrics store or maybe Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Working on her laptop

Or maybe you love books and reading. Barnes and Noble might be a good fit for you. Or perhaps a cozy, quaint local bookstore.

If you are an animal lover, pet sitting and dog walking might be a perfect way to spend a few hours and make a few dollars. Or maybe volunteer at an animal shelter. I am sure the help would be appreciated.

If you are artistic or crafty, you might consider setting up a booth at a craft show. It would be a way to show off your talents, socialize, and make a little extra income.

If you like to write, how about trying blogging? Learning the ins and outs of setting up a website can be challenging but also rewarding. It's always good to learn new things. And it's not easy, but it is possible to earn some income.

Working retail

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If you enjoy working with the public, a retail position might be the right fit for you. Added benefits would be flexible hours and an employee discount.

If you are retired from teaching and find yourself bored, you could always do some tutoring or even substitute teaching.

Give some thought to scrapbooking. Make it a family effort and assemble some great family scrapbooks for the next generation.

YouTube is filled with exercise videos for us older folks. Find a few videos you enjoy and set up a daily exercise routine. You will be staying busy and doing something good for your health.

You could make a small list of things you always planned to do once you retire and start checking them off.

How about changing up your home decor? Paint a room, add a bit of new decor or curtains.

Start a garden: beautiful flowers or fresh produce. Or plant both. Discover your green thumb.

With just a little thought about what you enjoy doing, I am sure you will find enjoyable ways to spend some of your free time.

If you are happy, active, and enjoying life, keep doing what you do. If you feel bored and unmotivated, find something you enjoy doing. Life is too short to sit and watch it pass you by.

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