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The 9 Things I Have Learned About Getting Older

The Nine Things I have Learned So Far About Getting Older.

1. It doesn't hurt to write it down. If you don't want to forget something, I urge you to write it down. I learned that the hard way. I think of something important I need to do. Or just some minor thing I want to remember. And then within seconds, it's gone from my mind. Keep a list handy of those things you truly want to remember. Things like appointments, your shopping list, things you want to remember to tell someone. Yep, all those little things that you used to be able to remember will now vanish from our mind. Of course, they will usually pop back into your mind days later, when it's most likely too late.

2. It's a good feeling having your children all raised and with their own families to manage. We can sit back and enjoy our hard work. We did our job. And it was a job well done. Our biggest concern now is spoiling the grandchildren. And let's not forget we can send the Grandchildren home. Unlike our children we just had to deal with them. But I loved it all. They all grew up way to fast.

3. What's the rush? Sure, I am a little slower moving than I used to be. Should I care that I am a little slower? Well, I don't think much about slowing down all that much. I mean what's the big hurry anyway? I am still moving.

4. I no longer sweat the small things. All those pesky little things I always seemed to worry about- guess what, they are not that important after all. I will save my worrying for the significant life-altering events that may occur.

5. I like myself — no time for regrets. I have lived life the best way I knew

how. And I am pretty happy with the results. No reasons to look back and say 'what if.'

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6. Getting older does not necessarily mean endless doctors and medications. So far, I am blessed to be healthy. I only go to the doctor for a checkup. I don't go as often as I should for the checkup. The doctor's office is usually calling or sending me a letter notifying me that I am past due for my checkup. I will try to work on that. I am very thankful that I am doing so well. Fingers crossed it continues

7. Getting older may be the reason, I am now a morning person. I have become one of those early to bed early to rise people. And I am killing it!

8. I have learned that getting older means; I should try to be more careful. Work on your improving my balance. The risks of falling increase with age. I try very hard to think carefully about my movements particularly when it comes to stairs and tubs and showers. But of course, no one should be so fearful of falling that it causes a fall.

9. I will not follow any silly rules about what a woman my age should and shouldn't wear. I will damn well wear whatever I want. So there. Now you know where I stand on that issue.

As I continue getting older and learn more things about this aging journey, I will most certainly keep you updated. I am quite sure there are plenty of new adventures awaiting me.

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