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The Importance Of Fiber And How To Get Enough Fiber Into Your Diet.

The Importance Of Fiber And How To Get Enough Fiber Into Your Diet.

Did you know that most Americans do not eat enough fiber? I think most of us know that fiber is good for us. Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. And yet it's estimated that approximately 95% of us do not consume enough fiber. I probably fall a bit short on eating enough fiber myself. But why do so many of us fail to get in our daily recommended amounts of fiber? It is not that complicated or hard to do.

What exactly is fiber? Fiber is the part of plant-based foods like grains, nuts, and fruits and vegetables that the body can't break down. Most people automatically think of our digestive system when they hear the word fiber. And they should think about their digestive system. Fiber passes through our body undigested, cleaning our digestive system and making bowel movements easier.

Why getting enough fiber is essential-

For starters, fiber keeps us regular. And nobody likes to be constipated.

A high-fiber diet may lower your risk of developing hemorrhoids and reduce your risk for diverticular disease. Diverticulosis is a condition in which small bulging pouches develop in your digestive tract.

Getting enough fiber in your diet lowers your cholesterol levels.

Fiber will help you lose weight and even achieve a healthy weight.

Fiber can extend your life by reducing your risks of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes and minimize the risk for heart disease, stroke, hypertension, some gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, and even certain cancers.

Simple, easy ways you can add fiber to your diet-

Nuts and seeds are one of the best sources of fiber. You can easily add almonds, pistachio, sunflower kernels, and Chia seeds to a salad or your morning cereal. Or snack on them throughout the day.

Snack on fruit; apples, pears, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, and oranges are excellent fiber sources.

Include vegetables in your daily diet. Peas, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and baked potatoes with skin are all high in fiber.

Add whole grains to your diet. Oatmeal, whole-grain cereals, and whole-wheat toast are good ways to start your day off.

Enjoy popcorn as a snack. Popcorn contains about 4 grams of fiber per ounce.

Daily recommendations for fiber-

Men should try to get in 30-38 grams

Women should try to get 21-25 grams

While high-fiber foods are good for you, you should add them gradually to your diet. Allow your digestive system time to adjust to the added fiber. And drink plenty of water.

When shopping for processed foods, check the food labels and look for those with a high fiber count.

Getting enough fiber in your diet is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. And it's not that hard to get your daily fiber requirements into your diet. It is probably one of the easiest things we can do for ourselves. So get it done.

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