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Two Of My Favorite Classic Old Movies.

Movies and popcorn.

Two of my favorite old classic movies

Let me start by saying the old movies are some the best made. The actors and actresses some of the greatest ever.

I miss the old days of Hollywood. The days when Hollywood was full of glitz and glamour. And a lot of great talent.

I think it was about nine years ago; I broke my ankle and was laid up for about three months. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time watching television and reading. As a result of all the television watching, I discovered some great old movies. And they made an impression on me. It was like wow, some outstanding films came out of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

It is incredible what you can discover just randomly flipping through the television channels. I never really had any desire to watch 'Old' movies. But there I was watching "Rear Window" and thoroughly enjoying it.

Rear Window-This movie came out in 1954. Alfred Hitchcock directed it. That right, there is pretty impressive.

But the cast was steller also-

James Stewart plays the part of L.B. Jeffries, a news photographer who after an accident that leaves him with a broken leg, finds himself wheelchair-bound and confined to his small apartment. Fighting boredom, he begins to watch his neighbors through the rear window of his apartment. He had great views into their apartments and their lives.

And what interesting neighbors he has.

His neighbors included:

A middle-aged, pill-popping, lonely woman, a struggling songwriter, a young female dancer who prances around in skimpy attire. A newlywed couple and a couple married many years who can barely tolerate each other.

It is fascinating to watch the day to day lives of the occupants of the apartment building through the eyes of L.B. Jeffries.

Grace Kelly plays the role of Lisa Carol Fremont, the high society socialite girlfriend of L.B. (Jeff) Jeffries.

Wendell Corey plays the role of NYPD Detective Thomas Doyle.

Thelma Ritter plays Stellas the nurse hired by the insurance company to take care of L.B. while he recuperated.

Raymond Burr- plays Lars Thorwald a neighbor who L.B. soon begins to suspect of murdering his invalid wife.

Things quickly get suspenseful when L.B. starts to suspect that his neighbor Lars Thorwald has murdered his wife.

So it doesn't take long for Lars Thorwald to become the primary focus of L.B's binoculars. All attention is on the comings and goings of Thorwald. And the noted absence of Thorwald's wife.

Hitchcock was known for his suspense, and he didn't disappoint in this film.

If you are a fan of mystery thrillers, you might want to check this classic movie out.

Double Indemnity is a 1944 crime drama directed by Billy Wilder. It stars Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, and Edward G. Robinson.

When I think of Fred MacMurray, I think of the television series "My Three Sons." And when I think of Barbara Stanwyck, I picture her as Victoria Barkley in the western series "The Big Valley." Of course, I realize they did have careers before their television series.

But watching them in the movie "Double Indemnity" was quite eye-opening for me. I viewed acting abilities that far surpassed what I had ever associated with them.

The movie has greed, adultery, and of course, murder.

Fred MacMurray plays Walter Neff the insurance salesman that becomes entangled with the sultry, scandalous Phyllis Dietrichson.

Phyllis Dietrichson, played by Barbara Stanwyck, wants her husband murdered so she can live off the insurance money.

Adultery, murder, and a double indemnity insurance policy makes for an exciting plot.

Things get complicated, as the daughter of the murdered man causes an investigation into the death of her father. Edward G.Robinson plays the seasoned insurance investigator who will eventually get to the truth.

Of the two movies, I think my favorite would have to be"Rear Window." But both are an example of the great classic films made by Hollywood.

Like I said at the beginning, I miss the old days of Hollywood. The days of glamour and dare I say it a bit of patriotism.

No, I am not going to get political. But I don't think the Hollywood award shows should be a showcase for the actors to share their political views with the public that just wanted to watch the awards be handed out.

I miss the days when it was a huge event to settle in to watch the Academy Awards. I have fond memories of scanning the audience looking for a glimpse of some of my favorite actors. Hoping one of my favorite actors would win an award.

But times have changed, Hollywood seems to forget that the award shows are a time to honor your fellow actors. And to give the viewers a little glimpse into Hollywood.

Yep, I miss the old days!


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