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13 Handy Gadgets Older Folks Will Find Helpful

Seniors enjoying using their laptop.
Happy seniors enjoying time on laptop.

13 Handy Gadgets Older Folks Will Find Helpful

Getting old can be challenging. We have our ups and downs. Some things get to be more difficult for us as we get older. 

But we shouldn't let those difficulties stand in our way. With a bit of research and some adjustments, we can carry on. I am not in any way suggesting that there is a gadget that will fix all the obstacles we face as we age. But there are plenty of gadgets to help us with some of them.  

13 Gadgets That May Make Your Life A Bit Easier As You Age

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Many of us find it harder to read as we get older. Sometimes, our glasses are just not enough for us. Reading will be much easier with a magnifying glass.

Try using a shoe horn if you struggle with getting your shoes on.

Ease some of your aches and pains

Need a little extra assistance getting out of the car?

Feel safer in the shower with some grab bars

Keep your feet toasty warm.

Be hands-free to enjoy your games, videos, and Facetime.

Feel safer with anti-skid soles.

We have all gotten down on the floor or the ground and struggled to get back up.

Young or old, applying lotion to your back is an almost impossible task.

Keep a planner handy for things you need to remember.

Enjoy the convenience of an extra table for your coffee or books.

A convenient handy way to get a little exercise.

I hope maybe you can find something on the list that will make your life a bit better.


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