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Here I Am Again-Ten Pounds To lose

It seems that I find myself around this time every year with ten or twelve pounds to lose. This year it has taken me longer to get serious about losing weight.

When your clothes start speaking to you, you know it's time to get serious and get back to healthy eating. I have a lot of clothes, and I want to be able to wear them and feel comfortable.

I have been telling myself for several months that I have to get my bad eating habits under control. But sadly, I have been ignoring my own advice. Sometimes talking to yourself doesn't work.

But then yesterday morning, I found myself signing up for Weight Watchers online. Weight Watchers has been where I head when I need to get myself back on track. I hadn't planned on signing up yet, but there I was, and with one last click, I was back on Weight Watchers.

Since I hadn't planned on signing up just yet, I had not done any shopping for point friendly food. So while yesterday was a bit over points, all in all, it was a pretty good start.

Today, I am heading to the grocery store. I am going to get all my meals and snacks planned out. There are a ton of zero point foods that include almost all fruits and vegetables, eggs, skinless chicken breasts, and most fish.

I am going to stock up on all of the above.

Fruits make a good healthy snack.

And like my good eating habits, my exercise habit has also become almost non-existent. So, I have some work to do to get in shape. And that is precisely what I am going to do.

Not only will I track everything with Weight Watchers, but I will also post my weekly progress on my blog. Sort of double accountability.

Anyone else doing Weight Watchers? If you are, I would love to hear from you.

I wonder if I am the only one who finds it kind of fun to search low points, meals, and snacks.

I will report in next weekend with hopefully at least a small loss.

And don't forget to get in some exercise. Start walking.


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