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It's The Little Touches That Give Your Home That Awesome Feel And Look

The Little Touches

So you have chosen the perfect paint colors for all your rooms; your furniture is what you have always wanted. And now it's time for all those little decorative touches that will give your home the finishing touches.

I firmly believe that the little touches we add to our homes are what give it 'THAT' look. You know that look. The look that says, Wow. You have it all together. You have achieved a homey, stylish, comfortable home.

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There are tons of ways to add little touches to each room in your home. It's those small personal touches that make it your home. And It's those small unique touches that people notice the most. It's your chance to showcase your personality and your creative side.

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Adding The small touches

Plants give a room a little touch of nature. They are also an inexpensive way of adding decor to your home. And an easy way to add some warmth and texture to your decor.

If you are new to having plants, you may want to start slow and keep it simple and easy. Start with one or two small plants.

You can add plants to the decor in any room—small Succulents on a counter or windowsill in the kitchen. Make a statement with large plants placed on each side of the fireplace. Hanging plants give you many options as to where to put them and the style of the hanger to use.

Plants are more than decorative. They purify the air in the home and help relieve stress.

Dried floral arrangements provide a no-fuss yet beautiful way of adding flowers to your decor. Dry your own flowers or choose a ready-made floral bouquet complete with a vase. You could also purchase dried flowers and add them to a favorite vase or colorful planter—a beautiful way to add some color to a room.

Baskets can be both functional and decorative. A cute wicker basket on your coffee table becomes a storage area for the remote controls. And it provides a nice decorative touch to the room. Or a pretty basket in the bathroom with hand towels. You will find a great selection of baskets. Look for unique baskets that sort of speak to you.

Trays are a favorite of mine. Place a rustic farmhouse-style tray with candles, books, and maybe a plant on a counter or table. Use your imagination and personal preferences for the things you put on your trays. Perhaps a decorative mirrored tray on a dresser in your bedroom displays a small plant, candles, and your favorite cologne or perfume.

We probably all have a few things in our homes that could become part of the decor on a tray.

Throw Pillows are a great way to add pops of color to a room. Have some fun with assorted sizes and styles of pillows. Scatter them on the couch, and toss one in a chair. Add some large floor pillows for extra seating. Bright, vibrant colors that will grab everyone's attention.

Throws are a great way to add some pops of color. And who doesn't like a warm cozy throw? Drape one across a chair and lay a folded throw on the couch. The use of throws sends out a feeling of warmth. You want to grab a book and wrap up in the blanket.

Shelves and bookcases are the perfect way to add some of your personal touches. Fill a shelf with favorite family and vacation photos. Favorite childhood books. Add some special mementos that have fond memories. Make it a memory shelf.

Books are another way of adding your personal touch to a room. Take a few of your favorites and add them to your decor—books stacked on a table, books arranged on a shelf. Add some cool bookends. A coffee table book displayed where else but on the coffee table. If you have some antique-like old books, place them tied together with a pretty ribbon or some twine.

Wall decor-The options for decorating your walls are endless. Wallpaper, mirrors, shelves, paint an accent wall with a bold, vibrant color, or make a wall with baskets or decorative plates, and how about a gallery wall with your favorite art pieces or photos. And, of course, the very popular shiplap paneling.

Vases come in many varieties. A large one placed by a fireplace or entryway will make a bold statement. Add some smaller ones on tables and shelves. Mix and match them.

Mirrors are one way to make a room appear a bit larger. Hanging a mirror opposite a window is a great way to take advantage of the natural light coming in the window. You will find a large variety of mirrors to choose from. Place one above your fireplace mantle or set it on your fireplace mantle. Explore your options. Experiment with different things.

Photo by Jonny Caspari-Unsplash

Candles can add to the decor in every room in your home. There are many varieties of candles to choose from.

Tea lights- a grouping of these small, inexpensive candles- give a nice low light and easy cleanup.

Taper candles are probably the most elegant. Add some awesome candle holders, and you have one impressive dining room table.

Pillar candles are a great choice if you want to add a lot of color to the area. You don't need a pillar holder, but I highly recommend a pillar plate to catch the wax. Pillar holders come in various styles—rustic, modern, and farmhouse- made of ceramic, glass, wood, and metal. Endless choices.

Votive candles, larger than tea light candles, will have a longer burning time. Choose some votive holders that fit your decor and then group a couple or group a much more significant amount of them.

Jar candles are probably the safest and cleanest of all candles. They have a long burn time, are mess-free, and provide a strong scent.

Flameless candles are made from the same wax as flamed candles. They are the safest-no fire risk, clean and long-lasting. And many come with a remote or just the on-off switch.

You can mingle different size candles together. Fill a tray full of candles. The mantle is a great place to place candles. Add some candles to your bathroom. I think you could look around every room in your home and find a place where candles would fit in nicely.

Search your home for personal items you want to include in your decor. And then set off on a shopping trip. My favorite places to shop are Michaels, Hobby Lobby, TJ Max, Home Goods, and Amazon.

Gather up some baskets, candles, mirrors, and whatever strikes your fancy, and add your own little or big touches. Put your stamp on your home decor. Dig deep for your creative side and have some fun.


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