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Life After The Pandemic

The End Of The Pandemic Is Coming Soon. Hang In There.

Some day and I am hoping that day will be sooner rather than later, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then our lives can start to go back to normal. Yes, we can, and we will survive this. Close your eyes and imagine slowly moving up and down the aisles in the grocery store. You will see fully stocked shelves. There will be so many choices; it will be hard to choose. And yes, there will be rows and rows of toilet paper: any brand you want and any size package. You will once again be able to stop and chat with your fellow shoppers. No one will be wearing masks and gloves. I am telling you that day is coming soon. Get prepared. Before you know, it will once again be dinner and a movie. And I am not referring to take out from the drive-through in front of the television. It will once again be a night out. And everyone will probably be complaining about the size of the crowds and having to wait for a table. It's coming. And our conversations for months after we receive our freedom will consist of stories about the hardship and inconveniences we had to endure. The stories will be passed down to future generations. People will be showing photos of their home confinement. Most will probably be selfies of people wearing sweats who need a haircut.

Here are some of the things on my list to do when we are free to move around again.

Don't laugh, but one of the first things on my list will be a haircut! Yep! I will skip the selfie, though. And then, of course, a large gathering of the family where we will share our horror stories of confinement. It will replace all talk of politics. We will all insist that it was worse for us than anyone else in the family. Bragging rights if you will. Next, we will dine out at a favorite restaurant. Yes, despite the crowd and the wait. Think about how good it is going to be to open that menu. And without gloves! And how weird will it be to have people all around you? Hearing other voices conversing around you. And of course, some shopping. I am talking about the unessential type of shopping! The credit card companies are going to be so happy. And hugs. We will all probably walk around, hugging complete strangers. And of course, exchanging our horror stories. And I know we are all looking forward to the movie theaters opening again. And the aroma of movie theater popcorn. Good times are coming.

I want to make some plans for my favorite season of summer. Maybe something on a smaller scale this year, but still hoping that we will able to travel around a bit this summer. So many events have already have been canceled for the summer. I guess time will tell what options, if any, we will have this summer. But we will all have to make the best of things. Be a little creative in our plans this year. Hopefully, we won't be grilling steaks in our backyard by ourselves. And let's remember we have to consider that while we are going to be so happy and excited for the end of the pandemic, there will be those less fortunate that lost friends and family members. So please let's all be considerate and lend a helping hand or a shoulder to those who need it. Don't let our happiness that the pandemic is finally over become more important than someone else's losses. Be grateful if you and your loved ones have survived. For now, we just need to continue keeping our distance from everyone. Go out only for the essentials. And stay positive and show kindness to all.

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