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Losing That Five Or Ten Pounds

It's almost here, summer is just around the corner now. I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. It can't come soon enough for me.

But, am I ready for it? Not exactly. I could stand to lose five pounds, but eight would be better. It's a constant struggle for me, but time is running out, and I need to get serious and focus on my goal.

I don't want to be crying when I get the summer clothes out and find they are on the snug side. How can you enjoy the summer if you can't breathe in your clothes and are always trying to suck it in?

I know you hear this from me all the time. I sound like a broken record. I am always repeating myself. You would think, I could stay with a plan and keep consistent. I want it to become a way of life for me. That's what I want, but I seem to fight it every inch of the way. Why do we do that? We know what we want, but we are too lazy to work on making it happen. Hmm...That sounds like a future blog topic.

Since I am going to make an effort, I wanted to find some easy and more or less painless ways to achieve my goal. Yep, I am looking for the easy way — the story of my life.

So, I have come up with these six hopefully painless and easy ways to lose five or more pounds.

Ten Tips To Help Lose That Five or Ten Pounds Before Summer.

1. Always eat breakfast. This tip is super easy for me, because, I never miss breakfast. Cereal and fruit are quick and easy.

2. Watch the portion sizes. I think this is doable.

3. Walk. Walking is easy. Wait a minute its motivation that could be the problem. The motivation will be fitting into my summer clothes. Okay, that should work.

4. Fill yourself full of fruits and vegetables-Have a large salad every day filled with tons of vegetables and protein. And eat three fruits, and I think that will be a step in the right direction.

5. Drink lots and lots of water. Drinking lots and lots of water will result in walking lots of steps back forth to the bathroom. So that kills two birds with one stone as the saying goes.

6. Limit alcohol. I will have to think about this one. Maybe wine every other day.

7. Avoid the high-calorie high sugar crap. In other words, forget about junk food. Put it completely out of your mind. Okay, that's not so easy. I am a sugar addict. Think summer clothes that will be my motivation

8. Protein. I get my protein by eating grilled chicken and hard-boiled eggs. And, I get my taste of chocolate in by drinking Chocolate protein shakes


9. Keep a log of what you are doing to accomplish your weight loss. What are you eating, how much exercise, how much water? And log your progress also. Seeing some improvement is the best form of motivation and will-power.

10. Plan what you are you are going to eat well ahead of time. It works best for me if I eat on a regular schedule. And keep a protein bar or fruit with you at all times. If things get off schedule, you have something with you to eat.

Now, remember this is quite doable. We are not talking about losing a hundred pounds. Not that losing a hundred pounds is not feasible. Because it certainly is. But not really likely before summer.

When the time comes for me to get out the summer clothes, you may hear a bit of anguished wailing if so you will know the reason. And I am pretty sure you will be able to tell the difference between my happy screaming and my not so happy screaming.

Maybe the best thing would be to get those summer clothes out this week and make sure I try them on every so often. That should motivate me.

So here I go again.

Anyone else trying to get themselves in shape for summer. Any tips you would like to share?

Of course these tips will work at any time. And we should do them all the time.


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