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My 2020 Goals

2020 I am ready for you!

I find the beginning of a new year to be so exciting. We should all start the new year with high hopes. We need to get motivated and set some goals. And then stay focused and accomplish those goals. We can't give up on ourselves. We can achieve way more than we ever give ourselves credit for.

I have two areas where I am hoping to make significant strides in the new year.

My first goal is to get serious about living a more healthy lifestyle.

I want to make exercise a daily part of my day. Somehow exercise just disappeared from my life. I am guessing that first; my motivation must have gone. I so desperately need to locate both of them.

I want to ditch the unhealthy sugary crap I eat daily. Or at least drastically limit it.

I will replace the junk with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I will most likely make sure that I eat any of the junk food that is the house before 2020. It would be wasteful to throw out it, Right?

My second goal is a big one for me — my blog.

I am starting to feel a lot more confident about what I am doing. I am not always comparing myself to someone else. I mean, we are all unique individuals and have our own ways of doing things. Or, maybe I should say we all have our own particular style. Anyway, I will continue to admire other blogs, but I will no longer do the whole comparing thing.

My blogging goals are:

To create better content. My writing needs some improvement. And I want to come up with great topics for the new year. I am looking for a writing course that I can do online. And I will keep writing everyday. They say practice makes perfect. I don't need perfect, just better.

To write and schedule more posts. I want to schedule two posts per week. I am committed to this. And I know I can do it.

And of course, one of my main goals is to get more traffic to my blog. I am hoping that my content will improve, and more blog posts will help. But, yes, I know that I have to do much more.

I will continue to research and learn.

Pinterest is another area I am going to work to improve on,

And there is SEO, which still confuses the hell out of me. More research.

That last goal is to sit down and work out a well-written plan of just how I will accomplish all of the above. I know it can be done, so many bloggers are doing it. And I know I can do if I put in the time and effort. I need to stay focused. Maybe 'focus' should be my word of the year.

I am not officially ready for the new year and the new decade.

How about you? All set?



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