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Spring Cleaning Tips

Make sure you have all your supplies ready to go.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has arrived. Soon the tulips will be blooming, the trees will be budding, and it will be time for that dreaded spring cleaning. Or maybe not so dreaded. Spring is a time of renewal and what better way to feel renewed than having a fresh, clean home.

We shouldn't make our spring cleaning any harder than we have to. Six tips to help make spring cleaning as painless as possible.

1. Don't start your spring cleaning until it's warm enough to open the windows wide and let in the fresh spring air. Nothing smells better than that fresh air flowing through our homes.

2. Make a list of the priorities for each room. Funny, most of the priorities I have seem to be those things I kept putting off all winter.

3. I plan to do one room at a time from top to bottom. I am going to start with my kitchen. It's been the most neglected for some time now. I plan to do one room a week.

4. In all rooms follow the top to bottom rule — cobwebs, curtains, blinds, and on down to the baseboards and moldings. Don't forget to include windows and walls in your cleaning plans. Our walls and windows need a good cleaning at least once a year.

5. Before starting a room make sure you have all your necessary cleaning supplies, rags, mops, and dusters ready to go. Save yourself time and steps by being prepared.

6. Start each room by doing a quick but through decluttering.

Anything that doesn't belong in that room should be put where it belongs or tossed if it is no longer useful to you.


Clean out all cupboards and wipe down all the surfaces. Get rid of any item you haven't used in over a year.

Clean out refrigerator and freezer — a good time to check dates on things.

Stove-I remove all the knobs and scrub them up good. Remove and wash or replace the burner inserts.

And of course, give the oven a good cleaning.

Move the stove and refrigerator and clean behind them.


Bathroom-Wash the shower curtain and liner. If instead of a shower curtain you have shower doors scrub the doors and the track.

Vanity wiped down. Shower and tub give it an extra good scrubbing. Lights above the vanity need to be dusted and wiped down.

Get rid of old medications, and make-up.

Laundry Room

Pull out and clean behind the washer and dryer.


Organize drawers and closets. Set aside the clothing that you no longer wear. You can either give away your no longer needed clothing or donate it.

If your bed has a bed-skirt or ruffle make sure to launder it. Turn your mattress. Wash pillows.

Living Room

Dust the wall decor, and lampshades. Remove books and other items from shelves and dust. Vacuum and shampoo any rugs. Wood floors cleaned and polished.

If there is a fireplace-dust and clean the mantle off and clear out the inside of the fireplace.

Dining room

Dust and polish furniture.

Dust wall decor.

Don't Forget these things:

Change your furnace filter

Cleaning out and organizing your freezer.

Dryer vent.

Clean inside of washer.

Ceiling fans

All trash cans.


Computer keyboard

Doorknobs and light switches

Garbage disposal

Vent filter over the stove

Furnace vents in each room

Don't worry if you don't have a lot of time to clean. You can do a little each day or each week. Whatever works for you. No matter how long it takes you the outcome will be well worth it.

Then you can sit back and enjoy spring and your clean home.


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