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The Magic Of Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking

Who doesn't love to snack? I think most of us enjoy a snack. I sure do. But it's what we snack on that is the real issue.

Snacking or at least healthy snacking has some positive benefits for you. Yes, snacking can be good for you. And the benefits of snacking can be like magic for your health.

How healthy snacking benefits you-

If you are having a healthy snack or two throughout the day, the chances are good that you will not feel the need to overeat.

Healthy snacks add extra vitamins and nutrients to your diet. A handful of nuts contains fiber and helps to lower your cholesterol. And it would help even more if you considered trying some raw nuts.

A snack or two during the day can help dimmish your cravings. You are far less likely to be grabbing a sugary treat or overeating at meals if you don't allow yourself to get ravenously hungry.

Energy-For starters avoiding added sugar can help your energy levels. And it's good to stay hydrated.

Fruits that are good for an energy boost include-







Mood lifting-Feeling down, maybe your energy is low, grab a banana. Bananas with their carbs, potassium, and B6 can improve your mood while also providing an energy boost.

Boost your alertness-Are you sitting at work feeling a little sluggish and having a hard time focusing? Keep some dark chocolate on your desk for those times.

Having snacks readily available can keep you away from junk food.

A good plan is to have cut up fruit chunks and fresh berries readily available. And don't forget your vegetables. Sliced peppers and cucumbers, and grape tomatoes make snacking easy.

Trail mix- is a good make-ahead snack, and you can make your own. Dried fruits, nuts, raw coconut, and toss in a handful of dark chocolate chips. Store in convenient zip lock bags. And you have an easy grab and go snack.

Heart-healthy snacks-

air-popped popcorn

Frozen grapes

Frozen bananas-drizzled or dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in coconut or crushed nuts

Peanut butter and banana

Sliced vegetables

Of course, Like anything else, healthy snacks should be consumed in moderation.


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