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Things We Don't Clean As Often As We Should

Things We Don't Clean As Often As We Should

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Most of us have a routine for cleaning our homes. Likely, a daily routine, a weekly one, and maybe a monthly one.

We feel good about our home looking clean and tidy. We dust and vacuum our living room, no dirty dishes are in the sink, and the counters are clutter-free. And, of course, the beds are made. Things are looking good. We are happy to welcome guests into our home.

But now and then, we happen to look up. And when we do. We see cobwebs in our corners and a layer of dust on our ceiling fan blades. Cringe time. It's just one of those chores that seem to fall in the out of sight out of, mind category. Or maybe as we click on a light, we notice a few dirty fingerprints on the light switch plate—another cringe moment. It happens to all of us. But it isn't very comforting to realize our house isn't as clean as we thought. There are many things we overlook.

Things We Forget To Clean

1. The top of the refrigerator-

The top of our refrigerator needs regular dusting and washing. First, wipe the dust off and then wash with warm soapy water. Quick and easy.

2. Under the kitchen sink-

Remove everything from the sink and toss out outdated and empty containers. Sometimes things end up under the kitchen sink that doesn't belong there. Put those items where they belong. Wipe the cabinet out and put everything back that belongs there.

3. Cleaning under the kitchen appliances-stove and refrigerator

Not only do we need to clean the inside of our stoves and refrigerators, but we also need to clean behind and under them. And while we are at it, we can wipe down the sides and fronts of the stove and refrigerator. All you need is some warm water and Dawn soap.

4. Cleaning between your stove and the counter-

Honestly, I used to get my husband to push and shove our stove out of its spot between two counters so that I could wipe down the sides of the stove. Of course, I would also clean the floor under the stove at that time. But then, one day, I read a tip on how to clean between the stove and the counter in a magazine. You wrap the corner of a wet soapy microfiber cloth around a butter knife, then slide the knife into the opening between the stove and counter and drag it along. And be prepared to see just how nasty it can get between your stove and counter. You may have to rinse and repeat.

5. Oven drawer-

A quick and easy wipe out. With maybe a little scrubbing and then dry it out with a microfiber cloth.

6. Your coffee maker-

If you want your coffee to continue to taste good, you need to take the time to run several pots of diluted vinegar through the coffee maker, followed by several pots of clear water.

7. Your toaster-

I am all in for cleaning your toaster by emptying the crumb tray, shaking the crumbs out of it by turning it upside down and shaking it, and cleaning the whole outside of your toaster. But I must admit that I am leary of taking a damp cloth or a wet toothbrush and cleaning the inside of the toaster. But one day soon, maybe.

8. Behind the washer and dryer-

Dust bunnies thrive behind the washer and dryer. So we occasionally have to sweep them up.

9. Inside of the washer-

Using a white vinegar and baking soda solution, use a stiff brush to scrub the inside of the washer. Leaving the vinegar solution in the washer, run a wash cycle with hot water. The interior of your washer is now clean.

10. Cell phone-

Cell phones manage to get dirty and sticky and collect germs and bacteria. Never spray anything directly on your phone. Unplug and turn off your phone. Use a 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe or an Isopropyl alcohol dampened microfiber cloth to clean your phone.

11. Computer keyboard-

Your keyboard can get dusty and dirty rather quickly. So, it is best if you clean the keyboard often. Start by turning the keyboard over and shaking the dust and dirt out. Then use some compressed air, and then use some alcohol-dampened Q-tips to clean between the keys.

12. The wall behind the toilet-

The bathroom is a haven for germs and bacteria—especially the toilet and surrounding area.

Clean the wall area around the toilet with warm water, liquid dish soap, and a small amount of baking soda. Clean the toilet tank with a cup of vinegar. Let it sit for an hour, and then scrub and flush. Use disinfecting cleaners to clean the complete toilet.

13. Toilet brush holder

I fill the laundry tub, add white vinegar or an all-purpose cleaner and soak the brush and the holder for an hour or so. Then I rinse them thoroughly with hot water and let them completely dry. I will set them outside to dry if it's a sunny day.

14. Hair brushes and combs-

We use them and toss them back into the drawer. But cleaning them every 2 or 3 weeks by soaking them in warm water and white vinegar is recommended. Rinse and let air dry.

15. Shower curtain liner-

The shower curtain can easily be washed in the washing machine. Use gentle or delicate speed and warm water.

16. Toothbrush holder-

All it takes is a quick cleaning with Dawn soap and warm water. You can probably even put it in the dishwasher, depending on the type of toothbrush holder you have.

17. TV remote

Wiping down your light switches takes little time—a disinfecting spray cleaner and a microfiber rag are all you need.

18. Picture frames-

Picture frames need dusting, and don't forget to clean the glass in the picture.

19. Light switches-

Wiping down your light switches takes little time—a disinfecting spray cleaner and a microfiber rag.

20. The tops of doors-

You can use a duster, damp cloth, or vacuum attachment to remove the dust on the top of your doors.

21. Ceiling fan blades-

If you haven't used your ceiling fan in a while, it's time to dust off the blades. Check out these Amazon options-ceiling fan duster or Eversprout 3 foot ceiling and fan duster

22. Door knobs-

A soft rag with some disinfectant spray cleaner should be all you need. Spray lightly and wipe off.

23. The TV screen-

A damp microfiber rag should do the trick for cleaning the screen on your TV.

24. Closet floors-

Yes, We should; clean our closet floors with a quick sweep or vacuum to remove any dust or dirt.

25. Trash cans-

All the trash containers in your home need regular scrubbing. Take them outside, hose them down, and then use some white vinegar and warm water to scrub them out. I suggest using a long-handled brush for that. Pretty quick and easy.

Many of these tasks only take a few minutes. Some will take longer.

You might want to print out a list of the things that don't get cleaned often enough and make a habit of doing several each week.


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