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Well it's Happening...I Am Getting Older

I Am Getting Older But Not Yet OLD

How the hell did this happen? I am really doing it. Getting older. And, you will note that I didn't I say I am old. There is a vast difference in being old and getting older. So, I am sticking with I am getting older. Just humor me, please.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have the privilege of getting older. So many do not get to achieve their so-called 'Golden Years.' My father passed away suddenly at the age of forty-four. But, my lovely awesome Mom is still growing strong as she approaches the age of ninety. I want to be just like my Mom.

I think getting older can come as a shock to many of us. It seemed to arrive so much sooner than I expected. Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that I was chauffeuring my kids around to their various activities.

I feel lucky that getting older so far has been pretty smooth going. I am in good health, no meds required. Although, I do take a few supplements. Figure they can't hurt and they might be just the thing to keep me going.

I am working at making exercise a priority in my life, and getting in all the fruits and vegetables.

Keeping both my body and mind active I believe is key to aging well. You can't stop moving, or it may be hard to get going again.

I want my journey into old age to be something to enjoy — a new beginning. I am looking forward to good times and maybe even an adventure or two.

I feel life is less stressful. We have raised our kids, and now we can spoil our grandchildren.

We can take life at a slower more leisurely pace. And we don't have to feel a bit guilty if we sit and do nothing. I mean who's going to tell us we should be doing something? Anyway, I think that is called relaxing. I know we earned the right to take it easy now and then.

Think about it, as older women, are we that much different than younger women? We still want to look good, feel good, and have some fun. Maybe not quite the same fun as the younger women, but fun just the same.

I am sure we all have that friend or two that when you are with them, age is not an issue. We laugh and act silly just like we did when we were younger.

Does anyone spend their day thinking about how old you're getting? Not me, I want to live each day one at a time. I am not going to dwell on my age. Age, that's just a number. It's all about the attitude you have.

Some of us, older people, are probably having more fun than the young ones.

So lets, all concentrate on living our life the best way we can. And enjoy every minute.


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