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8 Quick And Easy Things To Declutter.

Making decluttering easy.

Eight quick and easy things you can declutter in just minutes.

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When it comes to having to much clutter, there seem to be certain things that we neglect to toss out regularly. And it doesn't take a lot of time to do these tasks.

Below are eight quick and easy things you take care of just minutes.

1. Get rid of all the paper and plastic bags. Sure we use some of them, but most could go in the recycle bin. And try to remember to take your reusable bags when you shop. It's not easy. I know I either forget to put them in the car or if I manage to get them in the car, I forget to take them in the store. I usually remember as the cashier starts ringing up my purchases. But I am working on it.

2. Expired medications. I bet we are all guilty of forgetting to dispose of our unused meds.

3. Hair products that we tried and didn't like. We pushed them aside, and now it's been months, heck maybe years. Mind be an excellent idea to get rid of them finally.

4. Have you checked your pantry lately for expired items? I do this regularly, but I swear it will seem like I just did it and next thing I know I have more expired canned and boxed goods.

5. Even our make-up and beauty items need to be tossed out at some point. It seems everything in life has an expiration date. Yes, even our favorite make-up has to be replaced regularly.

6. Pens and markers that no longer work. How many do you have right in a desk drawer or a junk drawer? It will take only a few minutes to put them in the trash. And then you can have the fun of replacing them with awesome new ones.

7. Have you checked your underwear and sock drawers lately? The first thing to do is get rid of all the socks who have ended up single. Their partner is most likely never going to return. And we have all have underwear that should have been tossed long ago.

8. Take a look in your closet. It's been years since you've fit into some of those clothes. And there are some things you don't even like in that closet. Those are both hints that you should donate them to someone who will appreciate them. And suddenly, you will have more room in your closet.

See in just minutes you can get some serious decluttering done. Your things will be easier to organize, and you will feel so much better.

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