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Fifteen Minutes of Decluttering.

Keeping your desk organized can help keep you organized.


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Do you ever feel like you're going round and round with the decluttering projects? Pick up an item, study it, and then realize you have no clue what do with this item. I mean it's in good condition, hardly used. What if I need it? I can't toss it in the trash. So, of course, you set it aside. Then you move on and start again with another item. Maybe this time you know what to do with it. Perhaps you place it in the donate box. And you move on. You continue sorting and tossing things out. You've reached the end. The job is complete. And it looks good. What a feeling of accomplishment. And then you see it. The pile of things you set aside. Those items you couldn't decide what to do with it. And you will probably do what I always do. Put those items right back where they were when you started. Sound familiar? I know the reason why that happens to me. I didn't have enough of the proper containers for sorting things. I mean for clothes, I always use plastic trash bags. Easy and It works well for the guys who come pick up my donations. But plastic bags don't work for most non-clothing items. The items may be bulky or breakable, so you just set them aside. Finally, this little light bulb came on in my brain, and I realized I needed some sturdy boxes, and maybe some bubble wrap. Then all I had to do was place the boxes out with my plastic bags on pick up day. Such a simple solution. Duh!

Donate your unwanted items.

So now, I start with a container for trash, plastic bags for clothing and boxes for anything else. Find a spot where you can keep your decluttering containers, where they will be out of the way but still handy when you want to spend a little time decluttering. You don't have to spend a day or even hours working on your decluttering missions. Take it a little at a time. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in just fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes a couple of times a week and your progress will be evident. In fifteen minutes you can: Clean out some kitchen cupboards-Do you have an excess of kitchen utensils, are your cups or drinking glasses more than you ever use. Kitchen drawers-Is there a junk drawer you can spend fifteen minutes cleaning out? How about some dishtowels that may have seen better days? Nightstand-clear off the surface of your nightstand and the drawers. Just keep the essentials. Your desk-Do a quick cleaning off of your desk. And once again keeping only the essentials. Linen closets-Do only one shelf at a time. I have minimal amounts of towels and sheets. Easier to keep the linen closets organized. Trash-Walk through the house with a trash bag and throw out anything that you know is trash or anything that should be in the garbage. Get it gone! Newspapers and magazines-Go through the house room by room and toss out the old newspapers and magazines that have piled up. Maybe even donate the magazines to a senior center or assisted living home. Shoes-If you have more shoes than you have room for, take fifteen minutes and sort through them. Organize the ones are you are keeping and place those you are donating into the donation box. I am sure you can find plenty of small projects you can do around your home in fifteen minutes or even less that will help get your clutter under control. Comment and let me how your decluttering is going. It's a process that's for sure. Good luck.


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