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Being Content And Loving Your Home

Being Content And Loving Your Home

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams." – Anonymous

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Many of us watch HGTV. Some of us might even binge-watch HGTV. We watch as the homeowners pick out the expensive tile for their kitchen backsplash and choose the granite countertops for their counters. And, of course, they will have a large island strategically placed so they can interact with their many guests. And, of course, they love to entertain. And they have a massive budget for their dream home. You know the drill; it's pretty much the same scenario every time.

I don't know about anyone else, but after paying for one of those dream kitchens, It would be quite some time, if ever, before I could afford to entertain.

And then there are the bathrooms. And the main bathroom MUST have double sinks. And it certainly must have that whole spa feel.

I have a tiny kitchen, so there is no grand island. And there never will be an island. And I certainly can't entertain in my kitchen.

One has to admit that watching all those home shows can leave us with the feeling that our homes are sadly lacking. We start thinking about our vision of our dream home. And we begin to want a bit more. Who wouldn't like a spa-like bathroom or granite countertops in their kitchen?

Sure, it would be nice to have those things. But would I be happier? Doubtful. I think it would be more productive to find ways to be more content with the home I have. At my age, I am not sure I want to do any significant renovations or even move.

And in my opinion, the reality is that our dream home is a home filled with our family memories. I am guessing looking around our homes, we would find more things we like about our home than things we dislike. Maybe with some creativity, we can fix or at least better manage those things we don't like about our home. And perhaps a little paint and some new decorative touches will add a touch of wow for us. We can also eliminate items in our kitchen cupboards that we don't use or need, freeing up space. Decluttering can make a huge difference in how our home looks and feels.

I raised my kids in this home and have celebrated many holidays and birthdays here. It's our home. I sometimes think it would be nice to move and maybe downsize. But it would be oh so sad to leave this home. But perhaps someday.

We can continue to watch all those home shows on HGTV. We may pick up a few ideas we can use for our homes. But don't let any of those shows diminish your feelings about your home. It is your family's home; it has your memories and your possessions. There is nothing wrong and so many things right about being content and comfortable in your home just the way it is. Family and love are what make a home special.

"What I love most about my home is who I share it with."

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