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Discover The Powerful Benefits Of Daily Exercise On Your Life

Discover The Powerful Benefits Of Daily Exercise On Your Life

"Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood."

Yeah, yeah, I know that every one of us knows that we should exercise. Sure, sometimes, we will force ourselves to get up and move. But it doesn't last. We don't stick with it long enough to truly see the benefits.

And that is the problem. So many of us want that instant gratification. We want to see that weight come off us right now. Or feel that improved mood after walking around the block.

But it's all about consistency; after all, Rome wasn't built in a day. You have to stick with it. Where is the downside to spending 30 minutes a day doing something good for yourself? Make yourself a priority for at least 30 minutes a day.

Rewards of a daily exercise routine-

  1. It helps you live a longer life. Just that fact alone should be motivation enough to get moving.

  2. It helps keep your bones and muscles strong.

  3. It improves your mood.

  4. It reduces stress and anxiety.

  5. It improves your sleep.

  6. It helps reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart attacks and type 2 diabetes.

  7. It helps reduce chronic pain.

  8. It can help you achieve weight loss.

  9. It strengthens your heart and your lungs.

  10. It boosts your energy.

  11. It helps your brain health.

So ask yourself, are you so busy you can't find 20 or 30 minutes a day for something that will significantly improve your life? Doesn't the thought of living a longer, healthier, more productive life motivate you? At least consider trying it for 30 days.

There is nothing wrong with breaking up your exercise. Ten minutes here and twenty minutes there will work. Or get in your minutes all at once. Done and out of the way. Whatever will work for you.

Find an exercise buddy. You can exercise and socialize all at the same time. Find a time that will work for both of you.

Exercise Suggestions-

  1. Walking outside-enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

  2. Walking inside on a treadmill-rain or shine.

  3. Walking inside with walking videos-rain or shine

  4. Pushups-build your upper body strength.

  5. squats-Burn calories and strengthen your bones and tendons.

  6. Yoga-increase your flexibility

  7. Bike riding-Improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility.

  8. Muscle training

  9. Stretch in the morning and several times throughout the day.

Challenge yourself. What have you got to lose? Give yourself time to start seeing and enjoying all the benefits of getting up and moving.

Start your day with stretching, take a daily walk, add in some strength training, and you are on your way.

You have nothing to lose and good health to gain.

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