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Eight Ways To Age Gracefully.

It happens to all of us. We start getting old. But is it just me or does it just come out of nowhere? It seems like it was just yesterday, and I was forty and raising three teenagers. Now my oldest teenager is herself forty — boy that went fast.

But getting old has some perks too — grandchildren, senior discounts, happier outlook, and more wisdom. So we might as well settle in for the journey and try to enjoy every minute of it.

Here are eight tips to help you age gracefully.

1. Keep a positive attitude-Forget all that negativity we always hear about getting old. Age is only a number. Just keep on keeping on. Surround yourself with happy, positive people. People who boost your spirits.

2. Shake your style up-Or better yet make up your own style. The thought used to be that after a certain age you needed to shorten your hair. Why would a woman be too old for long hair?

And what’s with the idea that after forty women shouldn’t wear capris? Wear what you like. Wear what makes you feel good.

A healthy diet is essential as we age

3. Eat a healthy diet-Eat a diet filled with veggies, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. And eat less of fatty foods, salt, and sugar. A healthy diet can help you live longer and prevent heart disease and cancer.

I am a firm believer in you should still eat some of your not so healthy favorites now and then. But in moderation though.

4. Keep moving with regular exercise-Don’t slow down just because you are getting older. No rule says just because you’re in your 60’s or 70’s you have come to a halt. Take daily walks, lift some light weights, and try some yoga. Stay active. Try for at least thirty minutes a day. You have to move to keep moving.

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Getting in some regular exercise helps keep you young.

5. Retinoid- Products with retinoid in them help visibly diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, increase the appearance of firmness, and can even improve uneven skin tone, smooth and refine the surface of the skin.


A little self-care is always important.

6. Get enough sleep-Experts still recommend at least 7 hours of sleep each night. If you are like many you are finding as you age sometimes, it’s not all that easy to get the required amount of sleep. It may help if you go to bed and get up in the mornings at the same times every day. Also, getting some regular exercise and spend time outside in the sun.

7. Stay hydrated –Dehydration can result in headaches and constipation. Even being mildly dehydrated can interfere with your mood, alertness and even your short-term memory

Stay hydrated.


8. Keep Learning-Take a computer class, an art class whatever your interests are. Learning new skills or starting a new hobby will keep your brain healthy and alert.

We are never too old to keep learning.


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Nov 26, 2023

I have a doing the sandwich or salad or some fruit and a drink usually green tea whenever I go out shopping whatever only because things are so expensive you can’t buy a decent lunch for under $10 so I bring my own lunch with me, why not? It saves me money I know it’s not deep. Fried food is healthy.


Oct 03, 2023

Linda, 82

I walk 2 to 4 miles every day, go to a gym every other day to lift weights, eat healthy and love llife. Never think

of being old, it's just a number.

Cheryl T
Cheryl T
Oct 30, 2023
Replying to

That is awesome. Very inspiring!


Jul 12, 2023

All of the above but you forgot facelift!! Love mine. Still ski fast at I clocked 54 mph.


Beth Ervin Bilous
Beth Ervin Bilous
Apr 06, 2023

For me, I just watch it happen, take Bhrt, eat a lot of salad and like it, stop worrying about everything, smile more.


Apr 05, 2023

Getting where I want to go is now taking me longer now I understand why my Auntie and Uncle would pack sandwiches and buy tea or coffee the days they took an outing downtown. So I can learn from that now l'm turning 72 yrs..

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