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Five Things I Find Really Irritating About Getting Old!

Five things I find really irritating about getting old.

1. There was a reason why I jumped up and went to the kitchen. But what was it?

Sometimes I get lucky and quickly remember what it was that sent me to the kitchen. Other times, it takes going back to whatever it was I had been doing in the first place. (Probably lucky, I still remembered what I had been doing) And suddenly, it hits me why I was going to the kitchen. So I hurry to the kitchen, hoping I won’t forget again what I wanted in the kitchen.

Yeah, that is now my reality.

2 AARP must spend a fortune sending out all of those letters. Yeah,

I know I’m old, you don’t have to keep reminding me.

3. My body parts are either dropping or have collapsed entirely. Giving birth and getting old can make your body feel it got hit with a semi-truck.

4. Everything I eat settles in around my waist. Thank God, for the fashion designers and their tunic tops. That is one fashion statement; I can get behind.

5. And then there is sleep. Or should I say the lack of sleep? When bedtime rolls around, you never know if it’s going to be your lucky night. And by lucky night, I mean going to sleep and staying asleep until morning.

An unlucky night means your mind quickly scans through everything you have ever done or thought about doing.

"Old age is no place of sissies." Bette Davis

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