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My Thoughts On The Worse Things About Getting Old

My Thoughts On The Worse Things About Getting Old

When it comes to getting older, I always try to focus on the good positive things about getting old. But honestly, we all know nothing is all good, and certainly not getting older. So we will, at some point, have to deal with the worse parts of getting old.

Why didn't anyone warn us about the downside of getting old? I guess I never thought about what I should expect as the years pass. And of course, until old age starts sneaking upon us, we don't give it much thought. I just figured it's something I would ease into.

But once we reach the 'oh no, I'm old stage,' we have already started finding out the worse things about getting old. Surprise, surprise, here it is. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready.

I am going to share what I consider some of the worse things about getting old.

The changes in our bodies would be at the top of my list of the worse things about aging. It's just not fair. Our boobs end up hanging down around our waist. And then there's our sagging, wrinkled neck. No self-respecting turkey would find that turkey neck acceptable. Our arms suddenly flop and wave around. Oh, and I am now an inch or so shorter.

And then are the aches and pains that we didn't use to have. Our bodies have taken a bit of a beating through the years. Many of us will start to wish that we had taken better care of our bodies.

I find myself choosing longer sleeves to cover up the flabby arms. I draw the line at wearing turtleneck sweaters to hide my turkey neck. It doesn't help anyway. But I am for any camouflage techniques that will work; old age can be a battle. And we need a battle plan.

Who is that person in the mirror?

Suddenly we don't recognize that person looking back at us from the mirror. Reality sets in, and you realize that's the new old version of you. The latest version comes complete with gray hair and wrinkles. It might be the new us, but it still shocks the hell out of us every time we look in the mirror.

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We start repeating ourselves. To be honest, I have been doing that for some time. But sometimes it's not because I forgot what I told you. I just like telling some things over and over. Okay, and sometimes I do forget and repeat myself.

I know plenty of older people that repeat themselves over and over. But it's okay. I listen each time like it was the first time I heard it. Because I know my time is coming. But yeah, sometimes you feel like you should tell them you told me this before. But I resist the urge.

On a more serious note, I can't joke about the really serious issues of getting old.

The uncertainty of what is to come can be frightening. We all fear the unknown. But when you are getting on in years, it can be even more fearful. We start wondering how long we have left? Will we end up in a nursing home? Will we be the victim of dementia? Will we forget who we are? Will we forget our loved ones? Yes, the unknown is very scary.

Even though it's scary, I don't think we should obsess about it. We can't live the rest of our lives in fear. And remember, young or old, we can't see into the future.

The loss of our loved ones is one of the most challenging issues to handle as you get older. Loneliness affects older people when they start losing their family members and friends. It's genuinely heartbreaking. I have heard many older people say the words 'everyone is gone.'

It's vital as we get older to keep up with friends and to make new friends. Loneliness is never good. Stay involved and stay active. And tell all your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

As we get older, we have to deal with both the good and the not-so-good. That pretty much sums up life. Young or old, we have to deal with whatever comes our way.

So we put a smile on our face, a scarf around our neck, at least a 3/4 inch sleeve, and we are ready for whatever awaits us. We won't let the bad get the best of us, and we will enjoy the hell out of the good.

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