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Tips For Stopping The Clutter

Less clutter and more organization helps make a positive lifestyle.

Tips For Stopping The Clutter

The ways we accumulate clutter and how to stop it.

Do you ever stop to think about where and how we end up with so much unneeded and unnecessary things cluttering our home?

Well, it's really simple. And most of the time we do it without even thinking about it.

Sales-The mentality of if it's on sale, I should buy it. Then we will have it if and when we need it. That kind of thinking has to go. Or the two for one sale. Do we even need the one? I know, but it's just a great deal. Is it really?

If you are buying something, make sure it's something you really need and that you will use. And then try getting rid of something every time you bring something new into the house.

Vacations-Nice relaxing vacations can end up with us coming home with souvenirs. And they usually end just being stuck in a closet or drawer. We only need just so many ashtrays, mugs, and keychains. Try buying a magnet for your refrigerator or stick to a T-shirt you will get some wear out of. Or better yet just stick to taking photos of your vacation. That is the best way to keep and share your memories.

The junk mail trap- I know I am guilty of bringing in the mail and dumping it on the counter. Then I do a quick sort through it and then leave the junk mail laying there. Tossing it in the trash or shredding it as it comes in would take care of that pile of clutter, And it would only take a minute or two. Do we really think we don't have the time, or are we just that lazy? In my case, it's probably I am just that lazy.

And then there is the clutter we just keep moving around. Not sure where to put it. I know I have things I pick up, look at, and then place back down. You know those things, that are too good to toss, maybe something a little sentimental. But you know your children will not have any interest in the items. We have just to bite the bullet and donate it. Once it's gone, it out sight and out mind. No longer an issue.

Toys-A good rule would be that every time the kids get a new toy, they could start the practice of donating an old toy to some less fortunate child.

Keep a donate box in a convenient location. That way, when you are putting things away if you come across something that you know you can live without it's handy. When the box is almost full schedule a pick-up or drop-off date. And get it out of the house. Don't give anyone a chance to grab it out of the box.

Decluttering and keeping the clutter out of the home can be an ongoing, seemingly endless job. Yes, it is something that you have to be vigilant about. But it's easier to keep up with it than to always to have to be starting over.

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