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3 Reasons We Find Decluttering So Hard

3 Reasons We Find Decluttering So Hard

There are many reasons to declutter your home. Less stuff, less stress. More space so we can be more organized. It will be easier to find things without the clutter of unused stuff, and it feels so good to complete a decluttering session.

Most of us want to declutter, but when we get started, we find it's not as easy as it sounds. Sure decluttering sounds good, but that means getting rid of our STUFF.

And that is where the problems start. We want less stuff, but...that means getting rid of stuff. Weird, huh?

The easy part is sorting through the closets and cupboards. The hard part comes when we have to decide the fate of those items we have removed from their safe space. Most of the things we are clinging to have been shoved into the back of a closet, totally forgotten for years. But now that we have them in our hands, we find it hard to toss them in the donation box or trash. In our minds, we hear what if I need it sometime? Or that was a gift from my grandmother, or maybe you think about how much you spent on that item. Don't fall for those excuses. Instead, think of how much easier it will be to keep your house neat and organized without the clutter in your way. And who doesn't like the idea of less time spent cleaning? You will have more time for other things.

Three Reasons (excuses) We Find It Hard to Declutter And What To Do About It.

Reason #1

The things we are afraid to get rid of because we might need them at some point. Maybe it's the dress you wore once to your sister's wedding years ago. Or perhaps it's the waffle maker you had convinced yourself you would use every Sunday. But so far, you haven't used it much.

So if you haven't worn that dress since your sister's wedding, what are the chances you will ever wear it again? Donate it so someone else can enjoy wearing it. Think about the joy it will bring to someone else.

Okay, and maybe you will use the waffle maker occasionally. That is a decision I can't help you with. But, I will say I have a waffle maker I use now and then. If you don't use it in a year, you might want to find a new home for it.

Seriously, what if five years from now you need something you used to have? I doubt it will be the end of the world.

Reason #2

The things we feel sentimental about are one of the most challenging parts of decluttering. So let me start by saying do not get rid of anything you truly love.

We all feel guilty when thinking about decluttering our family and school treasures. Somehow it seems disloyal to discard these treasures. But keep in mind the memories will remain. I will admit that I had a baby afghan that my grandmother had made. I kept it all these years, my kids are grown, and my grandchildren are beyond the age of needing a small afghan. So, I donated it to Good Will. Another baby will get to enjoy it.

Passing the sentimental family items on to other family members or the younger generation is a great option—someone in the family who will still cherish them. Maybe choose one of two items that you want to keep.

Gather the sentimental things other family members might appreciate having and have a family get-together. Everyone can reminisce and choose something to take home. Make it a party.

If you have boxes of family photos as I do, I suggest making photo albums for your children and other family members. And don't forget to make an album for yourself.

Reason #3

The things that long ago meant something but no longer matter so much. Maybe you have an extensive collection of salt and pepper shakers, matchbooks, or snow

globes. But you have lost interest in them.

Or maybe years ago, you had a scrapbook of your favorite celebrity or television show. Some people collected comic books, stamps, etc.

Now you find they are taking up storage space, or you don't feel that same connection to them.

It shouldn't be too hard to sell or give away these items. Some people would be thrilled to have your treasures.

If you have lost interest in these things, pass them on. And there is always the option of keeping just a few favorite pieces of your collection.

I speak from experience. I have been going through things and putting the items I decided I need to let go of in boxes. I feel like it's time to start downsizing, And I, too, am struggling with the whole I can't throw it out agony, which has resulted in some boxes sitting in the spare bedroom.

My solution is that I made a phone call and arranged a time for my donations to be picked up. I have to have everything boxed, bagged, and on the porch; I will not even look in those boxes again. Out they go.

I am sure that once those items I was so afraid to get rid of are out of the house, I will forget all about them. Out of sight, out of mind But, I will always have fond memories of those sentimental things. And the memories of those family members who gifted them to me.

And, so far, I have never regretted no longer having anything I have donated or given away. Less stuff and more organization more than makes up for it.


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